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Why Work Here? A leading retailer and one of the largest grocery store chains in the world, Kroger serves as a reputable place for both entry-level job seekers and career professionals to find meaningful work. Maintaining close to 2,600 locations across more than 30 U.S. states provides nationwide availability for domestic employment hopefuls as well as opportunities for relocation. The massive corporation pulls in over $105 billion in annual revenues, which provides ample resources for the company to expand operations and reward employees for service.

Kroger Online Application Process
Keeping up with the times, Kroger provides electronic access to the application process. Workers find the online application here: Follow the directions below in order to apply.

screenshot of career site for Kroger
Follow the steps below to apply using the Kroger site
  • Accessible through the company homepage, the Kroger jobs portal serves as a general landing page for workers seeking employment of all varieties. Click on a desired field or fields of work to continue.
  • After selecting a specific field, the employment portal takes applicants to specialized pages providing detailed lists of jobs available featured in central columns. Clicking an individual position produces a brief breakdown of the duties and requirements for the job and a button labeled “Apply Now” to begin the formal process. Applicants must provide valid email addresses in the dropdown menu that appears to move forward.
  • Workers then need to provide basic information to create online profiles. The profiles store login and basic contact information to aid in future submissions.
  • The Kroger online application form begins with establishing country of residence and asks for job seekers to agree to the terms of the document.
  • Following legal consent to provide information, applicants move on to provide work history, educational backgrounds, and any certifications or licensures applicable to positions desired. The following page asks general questions in relation to past history working for the chain, any relatives employed by the chain, availability, criminal background information, age verification, right to work in the U.S., consent to submit to background checks and drug testing, and ways in which candidates heard about available jobs. Opportunities to attach resumes and/or cover letters to the online forms also becomes possible on the general inquiry page.
  • After completing the informational sections of the Kroger application, prospective employees move on to comprehensive pre-employment assessments. The form takes roughly ten minutes to complete and poses psychological and behavioral prompts to better gauge applicant personalities.
  • Completing the behavioral questionnaire and clicking on the link directly proceeding the final page of questions automatically submits the application; however, Kroger applicants may save progress at any time and come back to the forms at later dates if desired.

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Available Positions
Kroger grocery stores feature multiple departments hiring new staff on consistent bases. Filling out an online application form grants each potential associate the ability to apply for specific jobs inside each department. Some of the most common positions for hire include grocery clerk, cashier, and night stock person. Requiring little in the way of previous experience, the entry-level job titles set the minimum hiring age at 16 in most cases, which proves ideal for high school and college students. Applicants may also seek out departmental positions like meat cutter, floral artist, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, baker, and customer service representative. Career opportunities in management also remain widely obtainable, as each department usually needs teams of supervisors and managers to enforce company protocol and organize daily operations.

Job Benefits
The massive chain of grocery stores provides comprehensive job benefits packages to qualifying associates. Typically available to workers in full-time positions, the Kroger employment benefits packages consist of healthcare options, retirement savings plans, and work/life balance features. Individuals may become eligible for flexible spending accounts, medical and prescription drug plans, vision and dental insurance, and access to various other wellness resources, such as smoking cessation programs and mental health counseling. Financial work benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, stock exchange programs, short- and long-term disability coverage, and life insurance plans. The nationwide supermarket offers paid time off, as well.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Gather updated resumes and cover letters prior to beginning the application process. Applicants unable to produce the necessary documents or provide the detailed information necessary to complete the forms should take advantage of the save-progress option, as the documents typically take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Complete each section to the best of known abilities and offer as much information as possible related to the data fields. Workers may not move on to later portions of the application without finishing each starred area of information.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
The average response time between application submission and contact from hiring personnel generally varies by position. Most recruitment managers reach out to entry-level applicants within a few days or so to invite appealing candidates in for interviews. Other workers may not hear back for several weeks. However, job seekers may call, email, or visit locations in person to inquire about futures with the supermarket chain prior to hearing back from the company. Each method offers a direct line of communication with persons in charge of hiring new employees and demonstrates motivation, dedication, and determination to gain employment.