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Why Work Here? Established in 1901, Walgreens stands as one of the largest drug store chains in the world. The popularity and widespread presence of the retailer lends to prominent brand recognition, numerous acquisitions, and rampant nationwide expansion. The convenience store and drug store maintains more than 8,300 locations in communities of all types throughout the United States.

The impressive network of stores makes finding employment with the drug store retail chain an easily accessible endeavor. Entry-level positions in part-time and full-time capacities stand readily available on a regular basis. Workers may also take interest in the widespread availability of managerial and pharmacy careers. Large company distribution centers provide thousands of jobs to interested applicants, as well. Work commonly features schedule flexibility, generous discounts, and access to employee benefits packages. Walgreens employees interact with customers on a regular basis, which helps build valuable social and interpersonal communication skills. The retailer promotes diversity and drug-free workplaces, non-discriminatory hiring processes, competitive pay scales, and employee work/life balance.

Walgreens Online Application Process
Walgreens provides online access to the application process, which applicants may visit here: http://careers.walgreens.com/ and follow the instructions to complete the digital form.

screenshot of career site for Walgreens
Follow the steps below to apply using the Walgreens site

  • Job seekers may access Walgreens employment opportunities through the company careers page online.
  • The online careers platform allows prospective workers to search through various job titles for available positions. General categories listed on the careers page include In-Store, Allied Health, Pharmacy, Distribution, and Corporate.
  • To access the application for any job title, workers must click on the corresponding tab in the field desired.
  • The next screen offers a breakdown of every available position under the title category.
  • Click on the specific position desired to access additional information about the job and the online application form.
  • Applicants must enter Social Security Numbers and create login passwords.
  • After entering the appropriate information, job seekers may fill out online application forms. The forms asks candidates to submit contact information, hours of availability, professional references, related skills, and resumes and cover letters if necessary.
  • The Walgreens online application process often includes a skills-test questionnaire used to gauge how applicants react in certain situations.
  • After completing the questionnaire, filling out the appropriate contact information, and submitting the form, successful candidates receive calls to complete second, corresponding portions of the Walgreens application testing basic math skills.
  • In total, the entire application process generally takes two to three hours spanning the course of several days.
  • Walgreens hiring managers make decisions to contact workers for job interviews based on the information gathered from the two applications.

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Search Walgreen Jobs

Available Positions
Walgreens stores offer a variety of opportunities for work. Job titles regularly accessible through the online application form include part-time and full-time employment opportunities like beauty advisor, service clerk, health guide, photo specialist, wellness guide, and LOOK boutique team member. While specific responsibilities vary by position, most employees look after the overall appearance of store locations and specific departments. Other primary responsibilities may include completing transactions, tracking inventory, and assisting in sales. The minimum hiring age for most entry-level positions falls at 16. Applicants in search of careers in management and pharmacy departments must stand at least 18 and hold high school diplomas or four-year degrees for employment consideration. Previous experience in related roles or fields also proves necessary, in most cases. Distribution center jobs stand readily available through the online application form as well as employment opportunities in the company head offices.

Job Benefits
Both part-time and full-time associates enjoy outstanding work benefits. Upon hire, Walgreens provides competitive hourly pay and annual salary options. Opportunities for raises and bonuses remain available based on work performance and time spent with the company. Employees receive comprehensive paid training and ongoing career development. Benefits packages available to part-time workers include profit sharing programs, employee stock purchase plans, personal leave, and paid vacation. Full-time associates enjoy medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage, life insurance options, and 401(k) retirement plans in addition to the employment benefits offered to part-time employees.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Applicants should exercise patience and persistence when filling out the Walgreens online application form. The lengthy job application requires a minimum of two hours to complete the form, in most cases. Job seekers should also provide accurate information. Entering false data or misrepresenting employment history or related job skills may result in dismissal from applicant pools and possible criminal prosecution. A majority of questions appearing on the skills test gauge how workers respond in situational circumstances. Prospective employees should think clearly before answering each question. Take as much time as necessary when completing each section. Review each section before submitting the finished application form to ensure quality of information and completeness of the document.

How to Follow-Up After Applying Online
After submitting a completed online application, workers often receive emails or phone calls from Walgreens hiring representatives within a few days to complete the second portion of the application. Some candidates receive confirmation of the application within a few hours. If an applicant fails to hear back from a hiring manager within at least a week, the workers may check on the statuses of applications by calling or sending follow-up emails. Once the second portion of the application stands complete, potential hires should again follow-up with phone calls or emails. Wait at least 24 hours before inquiring about application status. During the inquiry, express genuine interest in the position desired. Following up demonstrates the ability to take initiative, which often establishes strong first impressions.