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Why Work Here?
Lowe’s jobs provide the necessary tools to build resumes, pay for school, or follow dream occupations. The competitive home and garden business represents one of the best places to work in the retail industry. As the second-largest hardware store chain in the world, the company consistently ranks in the top 50 of the FORTUNE 500.

Continual expansion and widespread success of the brand position the international company as an ideal place to find employment. Employees enjoy team-oriented and flexible work environments complete with paid training and regular workshops to refresh and hone related job skills. Lowe’s also invests in employees with generous base pay and outstanding work benefits packages. Both entry-level jobs and professional careers stand readily available for eager applicants.

Lowe’s Online Application Process
Lowe’s provides online access to the application process. Visit the company job portal: https://careers.lowes.com/ and follow the instructions below in order to apply through the careers platform.

screenshot of career site for Lowe's
Follow the steps below to apply using the Lowe’s site
  • The Lowe’s application process allows prospective employees to access jobs online.
  • An online application form guides job seekers through a series of sections regarding contact information, work history, availability, and personality.
  • While filling out the Lowe’s online application, potential candidates must answer behavioral and situational questions.
  • Lowe’s applicants may respond to as many as 85 questions in the questionnaire.
  • Based on answers given in the questionnaire and in the application, Lowe’s hiring managers contact eligible workers to schedule job interviews.
  • The application takes approximately one hour to complete, while the hiring process as a whole generally takes two to three weeks, regardless of position.
  • Applicants access jobs through an interactive map of the United States, which breaks down employment opportunities by state, city, and specific store locations.
  • Managerial candidates may need to submit resumes and cover letters for employment consideration from Lowe’s.
  • Background checks often prove necessary for supervisory or managerial roles, as well.

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Available Positions
Employment opportunities available at Lowe’s include both part-time and full-time jobs. Aspiring employees may choose from a variety of entry-level and managerial positions. The FORTUNE 500 company regularly hires customer service representatives, cashiers, and sales specialists. Other consistently available positions include sales manager, operations manager, human resources manager, and several options in administration. Minimum hiring requirements include applicants over the age of 18. Workers vying for careers in management must also possess relevant and related job histories and experience in leadership positions.

Job Benefits
Most positions available require regular physical labor. Applicants benefit from the consistent lifting and hauling of supplies and goods as regular exercise. The hardware store chain features friendly, team-oriented work environments with continual training programs and demonstrations in order to develop applicable job skills. Lowe’s also provide benefits packages to eligible employees, including health and wellness benefits and financial planning assistance. Many employment benefits extend to family members and dependents. Qualified workers enjoy several options for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as prescription drug plans. Sick pay, disability coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, employee stock purchase plans, and flextime stand readily available, as well. In addition, the chain offers benefits to part-time associates, which begin after 180 days of employment and include many of the same employee benefits offered in packages available to full-time workers.

Helpful Tips For Applying
Prospective associates beginning the Lowe’s hiring process should plan ahead for the application. Allot at least an hour to thoroughly complete the online application form. Each section typically takes five to ten minutes to complete. The online questionnaire may take upwards of a half hour to finish. Go through the application slowly and fill out each section entirely before moving onto the next. Provide honest and truthful answers. Review the application prior to submission to ensure each section stands wholly complete. Related work experience often aids potential associates during the hiring and application process. Hiring managers also tend to look favorably on workers in good physical health. Managerial career seekers should hold high school diplomas and definitive experience as managers in or related to the hardware store industry. Expand upon past experiences and how each relates to the position desired, both on the application and during subsequent job interviews if selected for participation.

How To Follow-Up After Applying
Hiring managers typically take about a week to review applications prior to calling prospective employees regarding possible employment. If the waiting period takes more than a week, applicants should call the specific Lowe’s store to inquire about application status. Generally, staffing personnel contact potential new hires before follow ups become necessary. The most appropriate time for applicants to follow up with hiring managers falls directly after each job interview. An email or phone call demonstrates genuine desire to work for the company and interest in the position desired. Potential associates may follow up to inquire about application status and ask additional questions, as well.