GameStop Application Online

Why Work Here?
GameStop accounts for a majority of all video game retail sales in the U.S. The largest chain in the industry, the gaming franchise boasts over 6,000 locations in more than a dozen countries worldwide. A widespread network of stores and synonymous association with video games marks company retail outlets as advantageous places to find meaningful work for gamers and employment opportunists alike.

The video game retail chain pulls in over $9 billion in annual revenue. As the scope of the company continues to increase, more and more employment opportunities should become readily available. GameStop serves as a great stepping stone for inexperienced professionals to build solid resumes or simply gain work experience in fun and entertaining environments. Employees often receive access to new titles and video game system launches before the general population in many cases, as well.

GameStop Online Application Process
The video game company offers a quick and easy online application submission procedure. Visit the job portal: and follow the instructions below in order to complete the GameStop application online.

screenshot of career site for GameStop
Follow the steps below to apply using the GameStop site
  • Applicants may search available positions online and may pursue the option of downloading applications for submission in person.
  • The company allows applicants to create user profiles to access online job boards.
  • Using the job board, prospective associates may upload resumes and cover letters, find information on available positions, and submit applications online for both entry-level opportunities and professional retail careers.
  • Employment seekers may update profiles at any time and continue posting to openings regardless of applications outstanding for other positions.

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Available Positions
The online application process provides access to entry-level positions and professional careers in management. Job seekers may choose from part-time and full-time positions featuring competitive pay scales and flexible hours. Specific titles include game advisor, lead game advisor, and store manager. Game advisors represent the most common positions available at the retail locations. Responsibilities include ringing up purchases, tracking inventory, stocking shelves, and assisting in sales. Lead game advisors carry out entry-level game advisor duties as well as scheduling, training, and hiring responsibilities. Store managers perform more administrative tasks, such as completing payroll, reconciling cash drawers, analyzing sales, implementing marketing initiatives, placing merchandise orders, and communicating with company corporate offices.

Job Benefits
GameStop offers qualified employees an extensive array of employment benefits. Associates must work at least 40 hours per week in order to qualify for benefits. Some locations may offer work benefits to part-time associates; however, a majority of stores limit employee benefits to workers in full-time jobs and managerial careers. Specific eligibility requirements often vary by location. In addition to competitive hourly pay and generous yearly salary options, associates enjoy flexible work schedules and team-oriented and business-casual job settings. The international gaming retailer also offers paid time off, such as holiday pay, sick leave, and personal days, healthcare options, flexible spending accounts, tuition reimbursement, opportunities for 100% vestment, 401(k) retirement plans, and discounts up to 15%, including new releases.

Helpful Tips For Applying
Applicants with experience in retail or with genuine passion for video games, electronics, and customer service generally receive preferential treatment from GameStop hiring managers during the application process. Hiring representatives screen for motivated and highly dedicated individuals to work for the prominent retail chain. Due to the nature of the business, workers with technical experience generally outperform other candidates during interviews. The retailer also stays open late on major holidays. Note open availability on the application form and express interest in picking up holiday shifts if contacted for an interview. Take time to complete each section of either the downloadable version or the application online. Incomplete or misleading information typically results in instant dismissal from applicant pools.

How To Follow-Up After Applying Online
In most cases, recruiters contact prospective workers within a few days of submitting the required hiring forms. The waiting process may take as long as a couple of weeks, depending on the volume of potential candidates. Call back within 24 hours or a few days to increase odds of receiving an interview and to further express interest in the position desired. Hiring managers typically take the initiative as a sign of genuine desire to work for the company and may reward prospective job seekers with an interview even despite lacking credentials. Calling by telephone often represents the best way to follow-up with GameStop hiring managers. Email also proves an acceptable way to inquire on the status of an application online, although hiring managers may not check emails as readily as answering phone calls, especially during business hours.