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Why Work Here Winn-Dixie earns acclaim for friendly, all-inclusive work environments described as One Team. Associates from all walks of life may join the team, and the company strives for success through working together while celebrating each person as a unique individual. With expansive stores offering everything from floral arrangements to organic and natural foods, Winn-Dixie provides careers to satisfy a wide range of interests. Committed to associate wellbeing, the grocery store chain offers favorable working conditions, in which employees feel safe and supported. Flexible scheduling reduces employee stress, as many associates maintain important obligations outside of work. Individuals looking to advance careers may follow paths the grocery store lays out for growth and further success.

Online Application Process
The Winn-Dixie online application process begins at the careers page of the website. Applicants desiring retail jobs should click Apply Now under the retail headline after clicking on to begin filling out the hiring form.

  • Applicants may search for available store jobs. Workers may refine searches by department preference and location of desired employment. Click Search to find nearby jobs.
  • Results appear below the search fields. Click the desired job to move on.
  • The next page displays a detailed listing of the job duties, skills needed, and minimum qualifications. After reading though the job posting, click the Apply Online button located at the bottom of the page.
  • Workers then need to log into the career center, which requires setting up usernames with passwords. Once logged in, agree to the terms and conditions statement to continue to the application. The next page offers the option to upload a resume. Candidates may then attach cover letters.
  • The following page requires personal information, including name, address, and contact information. Potential workers also need to fill out daily work availability along with the number of hours willing to work in a week. After filling out all the information, click Save and Continue.
  • Applicants move on to sections featuring general questions regarding age, criminal conviction status, and ability to work in the United States. Answer all the questions to proceed to the next page, which requires information regarding highest level of education achieved. Prospective associates may list work experience, starting with your most recent employer, as well.
  • A job-specific questionnaire follows, with applicants needing to answer questions about ability to speak English, prior work performance, and willingness to work.
  • In the next section, job seekers complete a timed skill assessment test, which evaluates customer service abilities, work ethic, and decision-makings skills. After completing the section, candidates return to the application to fill out a tax credit questionnaire, followed by voluntary diversity questions.
  • To complete the application, each workers must agree to a background check and provide an e-signature by inputting name and the last four digits of a valid Social Security Number.
  • At the next and final page, job hopefuls may review applications to ensure completeness. Click Submit to officially cast an application to Winn Dixie. A thank-you page appears to ensure the application sent properly.
  • Search Winn-Dixie Jobs

    Available Positions
    Winn-Dixie operates full-service stores featuring multiple departments and specialties. Entry-level associates may find both part-time and full-time jobs through the store. Applicants may choose to work in basic customer-service roles, like cashier, service associate, and bagger, or choose to work in a specific department, such as meat, seafood, floral, bakery, and deli. Workers with leadership experience may walk into department-specific management roles or overarching leadership jobs.

    Job Benefits
    Unlike many employers, Winn-Dixie offers employment benefits to part-time workers as well as full-time associates. Employees earn life insurance and 401(k) retirement savings plans through the company. Part-time employee benefits include dental and vision discount plans, accident insurance, and mini medical plans. Full-time workers earn customizable medical plans, hospital indemnity insurance, and dental and vision care. The grocery store even gives full-time workers the ability to personalize job benefits plans through online enrollment services.

    Helpful Tips for Applying
    The application process may take some time to complete. Fortunately, the company allows candidates to save drafts to complete later. If at any point candidates feel rushed to complete the application, workers may save the draft and return to the application at a later time. No matter the position sought, upload a resume to provide detailed backgrounds regarding past jobs, skills, and related abilities.

    How To Follow Up After Applying Online
    Wait at least a week before following up on an application. If one or two weeks pass without out contact from hiring personal, consider calling the store to check on the application status. Ideally, job seekers should make follow-up calls at times when business slows down, around midday. During the call, ask to speak with a manager. When on the phone with a manager, show a polite nature and ask about the status of the position applied for. Remain patient during the employment process, as reviewing applications and selecting candidates to interview may take time.

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