The Children’s Place Application Online

Why Work Here?
The Children’s Place stands as one of the largest apparel retailers specializing in clothing for children in North America. The major chain employs over 16,000 workers in part-time, full-time, and seasonal capacities and operates more than 1,000 locations based in shopping centers, malls, stand-alone shops, or outlets. With new stores opening all the time and international operations continually expanding, the company hires promising new employees to fill a wide variety of roles.

Offering ranges of employee benefits available to both entry-level associates and career professionals, The Children’s Place makes a great place to begin a career in the clothing retail industry. Flexible scheduling and paid time off make entry-level retail associate positions the perfect choice for fashion-forward, child-loving moms and students looking for part-time roles. Generous employee discounts allow individuals to purchase high-quality, fashionable children’s clothing and accessories at low prices. Employees also enjoy friendly atmospheres and chances to interact with children on a daily basis.

The Children’s Place Online Application Process
Job seekers hoping to find fulfilling and rewarding careers at The Children’s Place may begin the online application process by clicking or copying and pasting the following link into a web browser:

  • The career search page greets applicants with some information about the company and available positions. At the bottom of the page, individuals may use a search tool to begin looking for available jobs. Applicants filter the search results by entering keywords, such as specific job titles, job category, and store location. For common entry-level positions, select the ‘sales’ category or input the desired job title in the keyword field and click ‘Search.’
  • A listing of available positions comes up based on desired search parameters. Choose a desired position by clicking on the job title to see the specific job description.
  • The job descriptions state the job title, location, and career category at the top, followed by a position summary, list of key accountabilities, and desired qualifications. Read through the information and click the blue button on the top right of the section labeled ‘Apply for this job online.’
  • Next, candidates must create profiles. Individuals may link social media applications, upload resumes, or simply build profiles using an online form. Select the desired options to continue.
  • In order to build a profile using the online form, applicants must enter basic information, upload resumes, and enter additional data such as preferred store location, weekly availability, and contact information. After entering all required information, click ‘Submit Profile’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Applicants then arrive at a more complete employment application form. Many fields stand filled with information previously entered; however, individuals must complete the rest of the form. Required information stands highlighted in yellow. Workers must read and accept pre-employment statements before clicking checkboxes to serve as a signature. Clicking the ‘Submit’ button at the top or bottom of the form allows applicants to continue.
  • During the final step, the application informs candidates of pre-employment background checks and requires individuals to enter additional personal information for such purposes. Applicants must click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page to complete the application process.

Search The Children’s Place Jobs

Available Positions
Entry-level jobs abound at The Children’s Place provide ample opportunities for retail-oriented job seekers to find fulfilling customer service, sales, stock, or supervisory positions. Some of the most common roles include:

  • Sales Associate – Sales associates typically work part-time or seasonally. Individuals interact with consumers looking for clothes and accessories, maintain clean and accessible storefronts, assist other departments with additional duties as needed, and address customer concerns with respect. No prior experience stands required; however, workers should possess excellent communication skills and passion for customer service.
  • Stock Supervisor – Individuals standing at least 18 years of age with high school diplomas or GEDs may apply for stock supervisor roles. The ability to remain active throughout a regular work shift via lifting heavy boxes, climbing ladders, standing, and engaging customers in fast-paced environments proves vital to the position. Typical responsibilities encompass overseeing stockroom activities and behind-the-scenes staff support operations.
  • Store Lead – Store leads work part-time to assist management with daily tasks. The employees take responsibility for assuming leadership positions in the absence of store managers or assistant managers. Key duties include fulfilling store opening and closing procedures, completing cash wraps, interacting with customers, and conducting store operations in responsible and professional manners. Candidates standing at least 18 years old and holding high school diplomas maintain eligibility for the position. Previous retail experience holds preference.

Job Benefits
Children’s Place workers receive generous employee benefits in the form of discounted merchandise, company-matched 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and paid vacations. Healthcare coverage, including medical insurance, also remain available to qualifying workers. Associates may qualify for additional perks such as maternity leave, company-sponsored career development training, and discounts with associated mobile phone providers, as well.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Connecting social media accounts to hiring documents may speed up the application process by automatically populating data fields with appropriate information. Applicants should always double check to make sure entered information proves both accurate and relevant. Uploading resumes containing keywords matching ones found in the job descriptions may increase the chances of getting an interview.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Hiring managers contact promising candidates within several days to schedule interviews. However, online applications remain active for some time, and individuals not receiving call-backs right away may earn consideration when a similar position opens up further down the line. Candidates may wish to follow up after applying by placing courteous phone calls or conducting in-person visits to desired store locations. Always display a professional and friendly appearance, and keep interactions with store personnel brief and polite.