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Why Work Here? Internationally prominent coffee retailer Starbucks offers employees a unique experience in customer service. Whether looking for full-time work or for supplemental income while working through school, the coffeehouse chain offers flexible scheduling options, which often appeal to students, single parents, and first-time workers. Jobs available feature competitive pay, excellent work benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

Starbucks Online Application Process
Starbucks provides online access to the application process. Interested applicants will have to visit the company job portal: and follow the instructions below.

screenshot of career site for Starbucks
Use the following steps to apply using the Starbucks site
  • Applicants first search for positions available. After reading job descriptions, candidates select Choose a Location.
  • Job seekers must enter a zip code or select a state and city of choice from pull-down menus.
  • Once chosen, select a store, which in turn prompts applicants to choose to apply for additional locations. Select as many as desired, then click Additional Positions.
  • Click Begin Application.
  • Fill out the following pages appropriately. The form includes a section allowing Starbucks to perform background checks, a short pre-enrollment questionnaire, and application information.
  • Take the time to review information before submitting. Applicants may expect the entire process to take up to 30 minutes to complete.

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Available Positions
Starbucks offers potential applicants various positions to apply for. Most entry-level applicants assume barista or cashier jobs, which involve working directly with customers in busy store environments. Baristas take customer orders with exceptional care to process each request properly, including taking the names of customers for order pick up. Employees must correctly make coffees, teas, and other drinks to ensure patron satisfaction. Cashiers operate as additional help on the front lines. Associates must accurately process guest orders, properly ring out transactions, utilize various payment methods correctly, and provide appropriate change. The coffeehouse additionally hires for a variety of management positions, including shift supervisors, assistant store managers, and store managers. Managerial responsibilities include scheduling staff, hiring and training new personnel, and various administrative tasks in order to effectively run each location.

Job Benefits
The coffee chain offers eligible employees diverse and comprehensive job benefits packages. Employees working 20 hours or more a week qualify for employment benefits, including access to company-matched 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and discounted stock purchase plans. Associates may also gain access to tuition assistance, cell phone and computer deals, and store discounts. All employees receive competitive pay, flexible scheduling options, and compensation for training.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Applicants should take the time to complete the Starbucks online job application with both care and attention to detail. Job hunters must answer the questionnaire in a concise fashion, while focusing answers in relevance and clarity. Take as much time as necessary when completing the application form. Double-check information before submission, as reporting false or incorrect information may result in disqualification from hiring consideration.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
After the submission of online applications, potential workers often receive confirmation emails from Starbucks to verify receipt. Proactive applicants may choose to follow up in subsequent weeks. Whether by phone or appearing in person at desired locations of hire, candidates should express genuine interest in the positions in question. Smile, ask appropriate probing questions, and dress accordingly, as hiring managers may wish to interview on-the-spot. Limit follow-up inquiries to once a week to show respect for the time spent review applicants, duties, and expectations of management.