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Why Work Here
With a rich heritage in the supermarket industry spanning decades, ShopRite invites job seekers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York to join the dynamic teams of associates the grocery store chain employs. Current employees cite flexible scheduling options accommodative to family and school schedules. Entry-level job duties prove simple and routine in most cases, and the supermarket remains a great place for first-time job seekers 16 years and older to earn employment consideration. Many of the stores boast high volumes of foot traffic, which creates enjoyable, fast-paced, and exciting work environments. Hardworking associates often earn advancement opportunities and obtain management positions, as the grocery retailer prefers to fill upper-level job vacancies from within.

Online Application Process
Workers must visit the ShopRite website, scroll to the footer of the page, and click on the Career Opportunities tab: to begin job searches and the application process.

Use the steps below to apply with the ShopRite careers site

  • Job seekers may choose to view retail, corporate, distribution, and manager-in-training openings on the Career Opportunities page.
  • For retail settings, workers must select a specific location and store to begin the application process.
  • Upon choosing locations, candidates may apply for specific positions or submit general applications to a desired store.
  • Applicants must agree to an electronic consent form before filling out the application, which typically takes 45 to 60 minutes for most candidates to complete.
  • After agreeing to the terms of the application process, both entry-level and managerial candidates enjoy the opportunity to upload resumes. Applicants may decline to upload additional documents and move forward with the online application.
  • Workers must then create user profiles, submit contact information, answer pre-employment and equal employment opportunity questions, and complete sections regarding job histories and availability.
  • Applicants may review applications before submitting.

Search ShopRite Jobs

Available Positions
Some of the most common entry-level job titles at ShopRite include cashier, bagger, and clerk. Baggers and cashiers work in tandem at the front end of the store and assist patrons with final purchases. Cashiers greet customers, scan items, operate cash registers, and answer any questions shoppers may have. Baggers place items in bags and offer additional assistance to patrons by carrying groceries and retrieving shopping carts when needed. Clerks work throughout the supermarket in assigned areas. Duties vary by job title but, in general, clerks clean and stock work areas, provide product knowledge, and perform tasks specific to the needs of assigned departments.

Management or professional positions, such as pharmacist, department manager, and store manager, prove optimal for experienced or certified individuals. Tasks may include supervising subordinates, hiring, scheduling, training, loss prevention, marketing, and strategic planning to increase profitability of assigned departments or the entire store. Most store associates, entry-level and management, must stand on foot for long periods of time during shifts and should maintain the ability to routinely lift 25 lbs.

Job Benefits
Both part-time and full-time workers receive employee benefits at ShopRite supermarkets; however, employees may need to meet various requirements to become eligible for certain benefits. Qualified associates take advantage of 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare, tuition reimbursement, and paid time off. Healthcare coverage includes medical, dental, and vision plans. Employees receive thorough paid training upon hire as well as competitive pay.

Helpful tips for applying
Entry-level applicants should communicate open availability as much as possible on applications. Hiring managers may avoid employing candidates with extremely restricted schedules. When filling out applications, candidates should remember hiring managers often search for associates with skills relevant to the industry. Applicants should keep resumes to one page in length and tailor information to fit the average supermarket setting. Communicate competency to fulfill all job duties throughout the resume and application process. Finally, edit and proofread documents carefully before submitting to ensure correct contact information and to avoid simple grammar or spelling mistakes.

How To Follow Up After Applying Online
After submitting applications, potential workers often wait between one and three weeks before receiving contact from ShopRite hiring managers. Candidates may consider placing follow-up calls a week or so after requesting employment to check on application statuses. Applicants should place follow-up calls during slower business hours and ask to speak with a manager. Politely inquire about the application and express desire to work at the supermarket. Job hopefuls should remain patient during the employment process and use amicable tones during all interactions with hiring staff.

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