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Why Work Here? One of the largest chains of department stores in the country, Sears regularly offers entry-level employment as well as full-time career opportunities at more than 800 locations nationwide. The wide range of jobs available create ample chances for aspiring employees to find work with an established and widely recognized retailer. Store associates enjoy opportunities to interact with customers regarding varieties of merchandise ranging from apparel and home furnishings to appliances and tools. In fact, Sears ranks as the leading retailer of home appliances and enables workers in certain departments to earn commissions on sales in addition to standard hourly pay rates. The department store chain also provides employees with job benefits programs, well-defined career paths, and work environments emphasizing collaboration, integrity, and positive energy.

Online Application Process
To apply online, candidates must visit the company website to access the career center. Job seekers may also navigate to the appropriate site by visiting the homepage of the department store chain, scrolling to the bottom, hovering over the tab marked About Sears, and selecting the Careers link: when the extended menu pops up. At the online career center, prospective associates need to choose areas of employment to start the application process.

  • Applicants interested in working at a Sears department store must click the tab labeled Stores to see the types of jobs available. To view current vacancies, candidates need to select job titles from options like cashier, sales, stock, and management.
  • The bottom of each job listing features an Apply Now button, which applicants must click to access the necessary forms. Job seekers must then choose whether to fill out the application manually or by using social media profiles to extract information automatically.
  • Candidates must create online profiles with usernames and passwords before starting the application, which opens with questions determining eligibility for employment. The online form also gathers information regarding prior work history, education, and schedule availability.
  • Job seekers typically complete and submit the application within 20 or 30 minutes. Depending on the position desired, the application process sometimes includes an assessment, as well. Designed to probe for more information about personal skills and qualifications, the assessment generally takes up to an hour to complete.
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      Available Positions
      Sears hires workers to fill a variety of entry-level and managerial positions. Entry-level hiring takes place for cashier, sales associate, and stocker jobs, while careers in management feature a tiered system of titles and responsibilities. Cashiers and sales associates work directly with customers and perform duties ranging from ringing up purchases and collecting payments to promoting various merchandise and organizing the store. Stockers, on the other hand, generally work behind the scenes to receive shipments of inventory and make sure sales floors remain fully stocked. Entry-level associates report to managers, who drive sales and maintain the financial wellbeing of stores in addition to supervising hourly employees.

      Job Benefits
      Eligible associates working at Sears enjoy comprehensive employment benefits. The retail chain offers medical and dental plans, flexible spending accounts, optional and company-paid life insurance, adoption assistance, and low-interest education loans to qualified employees. Other job benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and discounts on merchandise. Eligibility for employee benefits depends on worker statuses, locations, and other criteria.

      Helpful Tips For Applying
      Before starting the application process, candidates should save time by preemptively gathering relevant details of past jobs and former academic experiences. Job seekers may also simplify the application process by using social media profiles to fill in much of the information required on the form. To make the application more attractive to Sears hiring personnel, applicants should keep schedule availability as open as possible and demonstrate the willingness to work a variety of shifts. Candidates should allot enough time to apply online while keeping in mind the applications for certain positions include additional assessments at the end. Applicants unable to finish the process in a single session should take advantage of the option to save the partially completed form and continue at another time.

      How to Follow Up After Applying Online
      After completing the application process, job seekers should give Sears hiring officials at least a week or two to look over the submitted materials. If the store fails to respond after a couple weeks, applicants should follow up appropriately by contacting the manager in charge of hiring either over the phone or in person. Face-to-face contact often proves more advantageous when following up, as meeting in person gives job seekers the opportunity to demonstrate initiative, show personality, and connect with hiring managers. Candidates opting to follow up directly at the store should make every effort to look as professional as possible during each visit. Follow-up meetings should remain brief and include a basic summary of qualifications and personal reasons for taking an interest in the job.

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