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Why Work Here?
Operated by Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, Sam’s Club accesses resources enabling the chain of warehouse clubs to support and nurture employees. Club associates work in positive store environments shaped by cultures of respect and missions of “Making Better Possible.”

Upon hire, new workers receive extensive training to ensure success on the job. Training and development also occurs throughout the tenure of each associate to help fulfill the achievement of personal career goals. The warehouse retail chain also offers opportunities to participate in leadership courses and mentorship programs, which often lead to career advancement. Entry-level workers enjoy certain employment benefits and hourly pay rates above minimum wage, while managerial associates take advantage of lucrative salary options and full job benefits.

Sam’s Club Online Application Process
Candidates interested in Sam’s Club jobs may apply online by going to the official website of the warehouse club chain and clicking the Careers link at the bottom of the page. Applicants may also navigate to the appropriate site by entering: and follow the instructions listed below to begin.

  • The process typically begins with creation of a login account followed by various disclaimers and questions establishing legal eligibility to work.
  • Applicants must then complete sections for personal information, minimum qualifications, education, military experience, and employment history.
  • Candidates usually need to take an assessment as part of the online application process, as well. The assessment typically asks for levels of agreement with various job-related statements and may also probe for responses to hypothetical workplace scenarios.
  • Job seekers submit completed applications after reviewing and electronically signing the forms. The entire process generally takes between 30 minutes and an hour to complete.

Search Sam’s Club Jobs

Available Positions
Sam’s Club primarily hires entry-level applicants to work as membership associates, cashiers, or sales associates. Membership associates attract new members and serve existing ones at each warehouse club, while cashiers also assist member shoppers by scanning purchases, collecting payments, and completing transactions at checkout counters. Sales associates work throughout the store and carry out responsibilities ranging from stocking and organizing shelves to cleaning the warehouse and helping customers find requested items. The chain of warehouse clubs also employs managers in charge of hiring new workers, ensuring member satisfaction, and maintaining efficient and profitable business operations.

Job Benefits
Job benefits packages remain available to qualified employees and family members, including healthcare coverage, dental and vision plans, life insurance, and associate discount cards. The retailer also offers financial benefits, like employee stock purchase plans and 401(k) retirement plans, to eligible workers. Partnerships with other retailers result in more than 375 discounts available to club associates purchasing new cars, wireless services, travel amenities, and various other items.

Helpful Tips For Applying
Like other major retailers, Sam’s Club hires applicants capable of working various shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Indicating open or flexible availability on applications often enhances the candidacy of job seekers and increases chances of securing employment. If applicable, during the assessment portion of the application process, candidates should try to select answers demonstrating strong agreement or disagreement, as the system used to evaluate the results tends to favor decisive responses. Rather than rushing through applications, job seekers should also take advantage of the option to save and continue the form at later times. Taking the time to fill out the online form carefully and deliberately ensures the accuracy, completeness, and thoughtful responses in which hiring personnel like to see.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Sam’s Club typically emails applicants to confirm receipt of materials submitted online. Candidates wishing to follow up further should wait a week or two before calling or visiting desired stores and requesting to speak with human resources managers or managers responsible for hiring. When making follow-up contact, applicants should begin with personal introductions, give brief summaries of work experience and other qualifications, and reemphasize enthusiasm for employment. Candidates following up in person should dress to demonstrate professionalism and desire to work. In addition to following up consistently, job seekers should remember to update online applications every 60 days to keep the materials current and eligible for selection.

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