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Why Work Here? Rite Aid represents one of the most successful pharmacy and convenience store chains in the eastern United States. While the bulk of stores sit in the East, the company operates in excess of 4,500 stores in more than two dozen states. As an equal opportunity employer, the pharmacy consistently accepts job applications from both inexperienced job seekers and pharmaceutical professionals. A wide array of employment opportunities remain available on a regular basis, as the company employs about 50,000 people. The pharmacy chain provides all of the resources and advancement opportunities necessary for employees to develop long-lasting careers.

Rite Aid Online Application Process
Entry-level workers may access and download a printable application form. Applicants competing for hourly store jobs must apply at the store of preferred employment. Career-minded professionals vying for upper-level positions may search for job openings and begin the application process at https://jobs-riteaid.icims.com/jobs/.

screenshot of career site for Rite Aid
Follow the steps below to apply using the Rite Aid site
  • Applicants discover job openings by typing in keywords, selecting job categories, or searching by location.
  • Job seekers must create personal profiles to commence the application process on the Career Center. Candidates may create personal profiles by submitting resumes or by filling out the step-by-step online registration form.
  • In addition to submitting resumes, upper-level job hunters may need to complete the same application as entry-level applicants and show proof of any certifications and licenses.
  • The application serves to collect general information concerning the desired position, level of education, job history, and data relevant to the hiring process.

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Search Rite Aid Jobs

Available Positions
Rite Aid hourly positions comprise job titles like cashier and clerk. Many cashiers and clerks eventually advance to shift supervisor positions after gaining at least one year of experience in an entry-level setting. Shift supervisors ensure smooth store operations in the absence of a manager by providing customer service, delegating duties, and overseeing subordinate employees. Wellness ambassadors work closely with pharmacists and must possess at least one year of experience in the health and wellness industry. Workers looking to obtain pharmacist and pharmacy technician positions must possess some secondary education or college degrees. Additional store management positions also become available at the retailer.

Job Benefits
As a health and wellness retailer, Rite Aid provides great work benefits. Employees often qualify for job benefits like health, dental, and life insurance, vision discounts, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, stock purchasing programs, and more. Team members also receive competitive pay rates with direct deposit options.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Hourly job hopefuls must apply in person. Applicants may elect to don business-casual attire when turning in applications, and endeavor to speak with a manager. Candidates who exude professionalism during brief conversations often make memorable impressions on hiring managers. Both entry-level and professional candidates should proofread and double check information before submitting applications. Hiring managers may discard applications with incorrect or insufficient data.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Typical follow-up protocol includes contacting the store via phone or in person a week after submitting an application. Ask to speak with a manager and inquire if she received the hiring request. Applicants should demonstrate respectful and professional demeanors when inquiring the application status and avoid forceful or overly frequent interactions.