Red Lobster Application Online

Why Work Here?Headquartered in Orlando, FL, Red Lobster operates as an American casual dining restaurant chain. Residing throughout the world, locations exist in the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Qatar, and Japan. More than 705 branches offer lunch and dinner, with options for children, as well. Fresh fish, crabs, and lobster remain in popular demand and feature prominently on menus. The company thrives as a subsidiary of Golden Gate Capital since 2014. The parent organization operates as an American private equity firm in San Francisco, CA. Overall, the firm stands accountable for around $12 billion in assets.

Entry-level jobs carry the possibility of turning into successful careers. The opportunity to learn and grow comes from ongoing training, career advancement, and friendly teams. Whether in the front or back of the restaurant, team members ensure every customer experiences a memorable dining outing. Potential employees choose between hourly positions, restaurant management, and the restaurant support center. The corporate offices seek skilled workers in information systems, purchasing, legal, marketing, human resources, finance, and quality assurance. Hourly openings range from serving and hosting to cooking and dishwashing.

Red Lobster Online Application Process
An online application begins the hiring process for entry-level opportunities with the seafood chain. Instructions below explain how to successfully apply for an opening.

  • The hiring page presents three options for candidates to select from: hourly positions, restaurant management, and restaurant support center. If seeking hourly opportunities, candidates should select the picture and then click Search Hourly Positions.
  • Users create new accounts, log into existing profiles, or search openings. To locate available openings, aspirants should first begin searches. A list of available job titles appears on the screen and contenders may click and read through descriptions.
  • Upon completion of the detailed career information, online profile creators click the Apply to Job button. Applicants should change the bullet to Create a Login and then enter email, password, and security questions.
  • The next page requires candidates to e-verify the documents and agree to a statement describing Red Lobster as an equal opportunity employer.
  • Basic questions, such as if the user stands as a current employee and over the age of 16 years old, follows on succeeding pages. More detailed questions include name and contact information.
  • Job hunters must enter educational backgrounds by listing the highest levels completed as well as the names and addresses of the schools. Fields to enter previous work experience comes shortly afterwards. Users supply details about the types of positions held and lengths of employment.
  • Work-related basics, such as if a certified trainer or cross-trainable, appear next. The following page requests information about transportation and how applicants heard about the position.
  • Inquiries about availabilities, salary requirements, and any known relatives working for the company show on the same page. Contenders click next to receive a drop down of scheduling options for Monday through Sunday. Hiring leaders also take an interest in whether candidates possess the ability to work holidays and lunch or dinner shifts.
  • As the application wraps up, applicants identify whether any felonies would appear on a background check. Optional questions about gender and nationality also surface.
  • Government tax questionnaires along with two agreements must receive a signature and acknowledgment from applicants.
  • The final step in the application process before submitting the form to recruiters consists of completing an assessment based on personality traits, previous knowledge, and qualifications. The task should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Search Red Lobster Jobs

Available Positions
Entry-level job contenders regularly find work in hourly positions. The company offers in-restaurant job titles of server, host/hostess, busser, dishwasher, bartender, line cook, and kitchen prep. Red Lobster also entices professionals with a management program designed for talented and confident individuals. Managerial roles range from assistants and lead servers to general and regional managers. Servers and hosts/hostesses engage in customer service on a regular basis. Employees may deliver food to tables, answer phones, use computer software, seat guests, and perform general cleaning. Salary packages range from $4.00 an hour with tips for servers to $9.00 an hour for hosts. On the other hand, managers may yield pay rates of $49,000 annually. Corporate opportunities also pose obtainable in many business-related facets.

Job Benefits
Many employee benefits begin day one, which makes Red Lobster a popular employer. Crew members receive weekly paychecks with electronic pay options available. Individuals maintain the option of working with managers to create schedules allowing for personal obligations outside of the restaurant. Furthermore, team members enjoy access to a discounted dining program. Other rewards may include vacation time after one year, 401(k) retirement plans, educational loans, medical insurance, life insurance, and disability coverage. In addition, many staff members utilize savings on auto and home insurance, travel, auto purchases, and electronics from vendors nationwide.

Helpful Tips for Applying
The application process, including the assessment, may take upwards of an hour. Candidates should set time aside to thoroughly answer all questions and gather the necessary information. Aspirants normally highlight previous experience in a restaurant setting, customer service, or retail. Ideally, applicants remain professional, friendly, and upbeat during the entire hiring process. In addition to applying online, aspirants may choose to contact local restaurant locations and request available positions. Job seekers should demonstrate the ability to interact in confident manners, work timely, and engage proactively in team environments. Application forms should remain accurate and truthful as well as list current availability. Candidates with flexible and open scheduling normally receive greater hiring consideration.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Qualified aspirants normally obtain phone calls from hiring managers after completing application forms online. Recruiters typically request an in-person interview as part of the hiring process. The normal wait time ranges from a week to three weeks, depending on time of year and demand for more employees. Contenders may also check on the statuses of applications by calling or arriving in person and requesting the attention of hiring managers. Aspirants must arrive during non-busy hours, which means avoiding lunch and dinner rushes.