Rally’s Application Online

Why Work Here?
Rally’s operates a leading fast food franchise specializing in hamburgers. The chain also manages Checkers restaurants. Combined, the two brands control more than 800 stores. Job seekers looking for work with the regional fast food chain find widespread access to employment, as locations hire on a consistent basis. Individuals choose from either part-time, entry-level jobs featuring paid training and career development opportunities or full-time work as managers in leadership roles offering employee benefits packages. Associates usually receive discounts on food and enjoy flexible hours, regardless of job title.

Rally’s Online Application Process
The following URL: http://rallyscareers.com/ takes workers to the Rally’s careers page, which provides more information on available positions.

  • The Rally’s careers page offers two buttons located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. One button reads Restaurant Opportunities, while the other reads Corporate Opportunities. Click one or the other to begin the formal application process.
  • Workers must then choose positions in specific career fields. Clicking any of the options listed on the page brings up brief descriptions. When satisfied with selections, candidates should click Apply Now.
  • If applicants prefer certain regions, cities, or individual stores, workers may utilize dropdown menus to refine job searches. Then, job hopefuls should click on individual positions to apply. A red button to the right-hand side of each position landing page takes candidates further in the process.
  • A brief prompt asks users to enter in names and emails for regular career updates. Workers may opt out and move on if desired.
  • Aspiring employees must create online user accounts to fill out electronic applications. A general information page asks workers for names, addresses, phone numbers, and unique pin numbers to log back in.
  • The next portion of the Rally’s online job application features questions about age, transportation, legal right to work in the U.S., expected salary options, and willingness to travel. Applicants then provide details about schedule availability. Workers must list first and second shift preferences for. The page also provides tabs for job hopefuls to mark off on the actual days of the week available for work and the ability to flex time as needed.
  • A section regarding education history follows. Beginning with high school, applicants must provide general details about educational institutions attended and degrees, diplomas, or certifications obtained. Trade schools also count. List any information necessary.
  • Job seekers with employment history may utilize the next section of the Rally’s application to provide details about past positions. Information required includes company names, positions held, former wages, start and end dates, supervisor names, and supervisor phone numbers. Each entry saves individually and allows candidates to change details later, if desired.
  • The final informational section of the application asks workers for details regarding up to three references. Provide full names, years known, relationships with the referents, and the cities and states in which they live.
  • After clicking Next, candidates are able to review their applications in full. Do so before submitting the documents to make sure everything is in order.
  • Click Submit to finalize the application form.

Search Rally’s Jobs

Available Positions
Most Rally’s locations consistently hire on help to fill entry-level team member positions. Workers in the role historically assume part-time hours and customer service-based responsibilities. A typical day includes taking food and drink orders, operating cash registers, restocking food trays, cleaning kitchen equipment and countertops, taking inventories, and preparing food. Other fast food job opportunities are in management. Individuals with experience in the industry or career aspirations in leadership often apply online for shift manager, assistant manager, and restaurant manager job titles. Managers mostly supervise entry-level teams and enforce company protocol. Some marketing takes place in the general duties of assistant managers and restaurant managers, as well.

Job Benefits
Upon hire, employees undergo extensive training programs as introductions to company policies. The training enforces the ideas of communication, productivity, and critical-thinking, which the chain teaches under the acronym I.D.E.A. Most employees enjoy discounts on food and drink and opportunities to pick up shifts, too. Rally’s employment benefits packages contain 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare coverage, life insurance, and short-term disability plans. Eligibility for work benefits packages usually revolves around full-time status.

Helpful Tips for Applying
The Rally’s online application takes around 20 minutes to complete. Knowing which position to apply for ahead of time usually saves a lot of hassle. As a fast food chain, the burger restaurant needs employees able to work irregular hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Applicants should also need reliable transportation and/or valid driving permits. Some experience in retail, sales, or customer service also proves beneficial when applying online. Use the hiring form to highlight any relevant experience.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Applicants should call or visit the restaurants for more information on the hiring process. However, call or visit during off-peak hours, which generally run just before lunch rushes and shortly thereafter. Calling locations may suffice in receiving more details application statuses. Personally meeting managers onsite is even more beneficial, as the move demonstrates professionalism firsthand.