Rainbow Application Online

Why Work Here? Dozens of career opportunities in a wide range of positions and fields, comprehensive work benefits packages, and flexible hours make Rainbow stores ideal places of employment. Applicants generally find locations in need of new employees in popular suburban and metropolitan shopping districts, including outdoor shopping centers and malls. In total, the fashion chain maintains over 300 stores in around 40 states nationwide.

Individuals primarily come across entry-level customer service jobs with the prominent fashion house; however, each store needs teams of managers to oversee sales and track inventories. Widespread accessibility and diverse job options contribute to the overall appeal of work available. In most cases, the retail chain provides competitive starting pay and opportunities for increases with experience gained.

Rainbow Application Process
Rainbow retail stores provide both paper and online applications. Workers interested in applying online should visit the company careers portal: http://www.rainbowshopsonline.com/jobs/ and follow each step listed below to submit the appropriate hiring forms.

  • Applicants access the official Rainbow careers page by clicking on the link above or visiting the company website and locating the tab marked Careers at the bottom of the homepage.
  • The landing page provides workers with the ability to apply for two types of jobs: home office positions or opportunities available at the retail level. Each category features clickable buttons labeled Submit in order to pursue work in either category.
  • Clicking Submit under either category brings up detailed lists of current positions for hire.
  • Job seekers then click on specific employment opportunities from the lists provided, which grant access to individual online applications.
  • The online forms take roughly 10 to 15 minutes to complete and ask for basic contact information, employment history, and education backgrounds.
  • Workers may also provide cover letters and resumes in two data fields located below the traditional application form.
  • Before submitting the form, each worker must verify age as over 18, indicate legal eligibility to work in the United States, and then type in a randomly generated code to verify the application. Workers finalize the forms by hitting Apply Online.

Search Rainbow Jobs

Available Positions
The most prevalent positions for hire at Rainbow stores include sales associate and stock jobs. Workers looking for sales associate positions typically need no formal qualifications for employment consideration; however, hiring managers often look at personality traits, such as friendly attitudes, dedicated work ethics, and team-oriented demeanors, when making onboarding decisions. Prospective stock associates traditionally need excellent physical stamina in addition to basic customer service skills. Motivated retail associates and/or outside applicants may find managerial positions of interest, as well. Managers must demonstrate the ability to effectively lead others, enjoy fast-paced and structured schedules, and display strong decision-making skills. Regardless of position, the retailer primarily looks for fashion-savvy individuals able to assume flexible schedules upon hire.

Job Benefits
Bonus incentives, paid training, and the ability to pick schedules represent base work benefits available to both new-hires and seasoned professionals. Rainbow also provides associates with sizable discounts on clothing and preferred access to seasonal releases. Individuals in managerial positions or careers in the corporate home offices regularly receive additional employment benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, life insurance options, and healthcare coverage.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Applicants should visit desired storefronts in person prior to submitting hiring forms to meet potential coworkers and managers. In-person visits also allow prospective associates to build general ideas of the clothing lines sold in stores and tailor attitudes toward fashion and teamwork accordingly. When filling out applications, job seekers should pay special attention to details and provide only truthful and honest information. Tailor work histories to support the typical responsibilities and demands of each position desired. Applicants should hand the forms in personally, as well. Making direct contact with hiring personnel often signals genuine intentions to gain employment with the retail chain.

How to Follow Up after Applying Online
In most cases, Rainbow stores contact prospective employees as positions become available based on application information. However, workers may call or visit stores in person after submitting employment materials to reassert interests in positions available. Taking the initiative and contacting management at desired storefronts shows determination and the kind of motivation most hiring personnel look for in future associates.