Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Application Online

Why Work Here? Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, often shortened to Popeyes, operates as a nationwide fast food chain specializing in fried chicken and biscuits. Job seekers regularly find employment through a network of over 2,000 locations. While primarily located in the U.S. South, the franchise maintains a presence in most major cities across the country, which provides widespread access to available jobs. The restaurant chain pays competitive wages, offers flexible scheduling, and provides career advancement potential for motivated individuals in addition to regular meal discounts. The ability to work part-time or full-time also draws new associates to local storefronts.

Popeyes Online Application Process
A major source of entry-level employment, Popeyes posts job opportunities to a web-based job portal: http://popeyes.jobs/. Interested individuals must log on to the company careers page and follow the instructions below in order to apply:

    The Popeyes Chicken careers homepage breaks job opportunities down into two lines of work: Restaurant Support Service Center and Restaurant. Applicants may click on the vacancies displayed under the field headings or click on the Show More tabs underneath each designation.
    Clicking the Show More tab under each heading brings up three to four additional job postings, including both full-time and part-time team member and supervisor positions or careers in the customer support departments.
    Applicants must click View Job under each position to fill out applications. Jobs available provide detailed landing pages with in-depth information regarding vacancies. Click on the Apply Now button in the right-hand corner of the page to continue.
    In order to fill out applications, workers must create profiles with usernames and passwords. After creating employment profiles, users then hold the option of building applications from scratch or using social media accounts to prepopulate required data fields.
    The application poses introductory questions regarding legal ability to work in the United States, consent to drug-free settings, whether workers stand at or above 16 years of age, and whether candidates feel up to the daily requirements of the position desired.
    Following the introductory questions, workers may upload professional resumes or CVs. The hiring form then moves on to ask for contact information. Afterwards, the form inquires about work history and education.
    Applicants must also indicate any relatives who previously worked for the company, personal history of employment with the fast food chain, and any formal discharges from past jobs.
    Once employment hopefuls complete the secondary list of questions, workers then fill out a brief chart denoting availability for nights, weekdays, weekends, and holidays and indicate the ability to work flexible hours, if necessary, lift 50lbs. or more, withstand varied temperatures, and overall punctuality.
    The Popeyes online application then asks where individuals found out about job opportunities available.
    Closing out the online hiring form includes three sections asking about gender and ethnicity, military history, and personal disabilities.
    The final screen provides a box where prospective associates create e-signatures to authorize applicant information.

Search Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Jobs

Available Positions
Most of the positions available through Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen include part-time, entry-level crew member jobs. Crew members primarily assume culinary and customer service duties preparing food, taking patron orders, and cleaning dining room and work areas. Crew members usually earn minimum wage upon hire. Applicants may also take interest in supervisory shift lead roles and restaurant management careers. Shift leads may work part-time or full-time and earn between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour. Managers often make $10.00 or more hourly, with salary options topping out around $35,000 a year. General responsibilities encompass hiring and training new workers, setting schedules, ordering supplies, driving sales, enforcing company policies, and promoting specials and select menu items. While management jobs remain widely available, the fried chicken chain often favors promoting from within.

Job Benefits
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen online applications provide job seekers access to comprehensive work benefits packages. Upon hire, individuals in both part-time and full-time roles receive generous meal discounts. Employees also receive paid training. In addition to base pay, scheduling options, and special pricing on menu items, qualified associates enjoy paid time off, healthcare coverage, life insurance plans, and 401(k) retirement plans. Due to franchising, availability of employment benefits packages may vary by location. Certain restrictions may also apply.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Before sending in online application forms, job seekers should understand the nature of Popeyes jobs. Workers routinely carry out daily responsibilities in varying temperatures and in direct contact with customers and food. Teamwork plays an essential role in performing well on the job, as individuals typically assume posts with at least two and as many as six others during any given shift. Most entry-level employees start out in highly variable, part-time schedules. Applicants should maintain the ability to assume flexible hours initially. Prior to employment, managers must provide valid driver’s licenses to the appropriate staff.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Hiring personnel typically contact prospective candidates to schedule interviews at local storefronts as recruitment needs arise. Online applicants may wait anywhere from a couple of hours up to a month to hear back from the fast food chain, depending on specific hiring needs. In order to expedite the process, workers may choose to call and/or visit desired locations in order to follow up on available jobs. In some cases, making the extra effort results in additional consideration from management. However, applicants may still need to wait on positions to become available before receiving any further review or invitations for interviews.