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Why Work Here? Founded in the late 1950s, Pizza Hut operates as an American icon and one of the largest pizza franchises on the market. An international company, the chain hosts more than 11,000 locations in nearly 100 countries around the world. An excess of 160,000 job opportunities remain available with the pizza shop as continued expansion requires the addition of thousands of employees each year.

Pizza Hut restaurants provide competitive pay scales and comprehensive training programs, which enable long-lasting and meaningful careers. Regardless of position, new hires receive general instruction on most aspects of operations, including working the cash registers, interacting with customers, preparing and garnishing food items, packaging, storage, and sanitation. The fast-paced work environments build valuable trade skills setting employees up for success later in life. Expansive networks of former associates provide excellent resources for current workers to pull from, as well.

Pizza Hut Online Application Process
Applicants may go online to access the Pizza Hut application. Candidates apply for available jobs by logging on to: Follow the instructions below to complete the process.

screenshot of career site for Pizza Hut
Follow the steps below to apply using the Pizza Hut site
  • Job hopefuls begin the Pizza Hut application process via the company homepage. Find the tab labeled “Careers” under the “About Us” column at the bottom of the page to move forward.
  • Workers should allot at least 10 minutes to successfully navigate the hiring forms.
  • Clicking the “Careers” button takes prospective associates to a landing page containing information about both restaurant jobs and corporate careers.
  • Select a desired position from the menu on the right-hand side after selecting the type of employment desired. Each position provides a brief breakdown of duties and requirements. The pages also feature red buttons labeled “Apply Now.” Click the button to proceed to the formal application.
  • Consenting to terms and agreements stands as the first step to filling out an application. Workers must click the appropriate check boxes and then provide detailed contact information. Following the contact information, the application form asks potential associates questions regarding legal age, ability to work in the U.S., and drug habits. Pizza Hut maintains strict drug-free policies for employees.
  • The electronic document moves on to ask about former associations with other Yum! Brand Inc. companies, such as Taco Bell and KFC. If applicants hold no former affiliations with any Yum! subsidiaries, workers then move on to provide detailed information about availability. Employment hopefuls must also express interest in either part-time, full-time, or temporary time commitments. The section concludes after applicants provide first available days to begin work and desired pay rates.
  • Individuals then come across the work history and education sections of the online application. Information required includes names of past employers and schools, as well as dates worked and/or attended. Workers must indicate levels of schooling completed and areas of study, as well.
  • Pizza Hut requires applicants provide at least two professional references on the hiring forms. A section toward the end of the electronic document provides spaces for candidates to submit the names, phone numbers, and relationships of persons acting as referents.
  • The document closes with an electronic signature to verify the information provided.

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Available Positions
While traditionally considered fast food, Pizza Hut locations operate in true restaurant style. Patrons may dine in and leisurely eat meals or order carryout for in-store pickup or delivery. The varied operations allow for workers to find meaningful jobs at each location. Traditional restaurant jobs include server, team member, and delivery driver positions. General duties for each entry-level opportunity usually include interacting with customers in personable and attentive manners in addition to preparing food items and cleaning dining rooms and work areas. Individuals over the age of 18 may take interest in managerial positions offering competitive pay and access to employment benefits packages. Most team members work up through the managerial ranks beginning with shift leader positions and graduate into assistant manager and restaurant manager roles over time. Job duties primarily center on driving sales, ordering supplies, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Job Benefits
Employees receive free meals and drinks during every shift at most locations. At other stores, discounts up to 50% prove typical. New-hires enjoy flexible scheduling and paid, comprehensive training programs, as well. Qualified Pizza Hut associates gain access to healthcare options, paid time off, worker’s compensation, 401(k) retirement plans, and charitable gift-matching programs. The major pizza chain also favors promoting employees into managerial roles from within, which creates loyalty, camaraderie, and opportunities for growth within the fast food industry.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Applicants should possess valid driving permits and open schedules when applying for Pizza Hut jobs. Most employees float between job titles while on shift any given day and may need to fill in for other workers and drive deliveries as needed. Motivated attitudes and personal satisfaction in talking with varied crowds remain ideal traits of prospective associates. Strong desires to move up in the company also bolster odds of gaining employment.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
The best methods of following up on applications include calling managers by telephone, emailing hiring personnel, or visiting locations in person. Any of the methods produce positive outcomes; however, workers feeling more inclined to visit locations may receive additional review over applicants only using telephone and email to follow-up on applications. Visiting storefronts in person shows dedication, determination, and the sincere commitment to doing whatever necessary to land employment.