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Why Work Here? With more than 1,200 stores nationwide, PetSmart maintains an ongoing listing of available jobs and offers employment across a variety of fields. Constantly hiring, the expansive retail chain supports the career aspirations of each team member by providing a wide range of job benefits and resources to achieve professional goals. Each store associate receives guidance from an Individual Development Plan (IDP), which ensures workers acquire the knowledge and learn the skills necessary to reach any career aspiration. Store employees also enjoy opportunities to work directly with animals and help forge meaningful connections between pets and owners.

PetSmart Online Application Process
The PetSmart website features a Careers link at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the link takes job seekers to the webpage at, which serves as the first step in the application process. The Careers homepage contains information about store jobs, distribution center jobs, and corporate jobs. Applicants interested in working at a retail location should click on the link marked View All Store Jobs to browse and apply for available employment opportunities.

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Use the steps below to apply on the PetSmart site
  • Before perusing every listing, candidates may filter the results by job title or location. After selecting a suitable position, a general summary of job duties appears along with a button inviting potential employees to Apply Now. Clicking the button grants access to the online application form.
  • New applicants must create accounts by providing email addresses, usernames, and passwords. The application includes eight sections. Applicants must either consent to receive and respond to notices electronically or indicate a desire to sign a paper copy of the form.
  • The next section of the application covers personal information and asks for the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and Social Security Numbers of prospective associates. Applicants must also indicate the best methods of contact and identify the sources of desired job listings.
  • After providing personal information and moving on to the next step in the application, job seekers encounter a pair of equal opportunity employment questions inquiring about gender and ethnic backgrounds. Applicants may choose not to disclose such information and still retain hiring consideration.
  • The next page of the online form contains disclosures outlining the background checks required for managerial and overnight jobs. Candidates applying for management or overnight positions remain subject to the findings of a consumer report, which may include information about criminal background, driving record, character and general reputation, and mode of living. PetSmart hiring officials may also contact friends, neighbors, or coworkers to gather the same information.
  • After reading and indicating acknowledgment of the disclosures, applicants respond to a series of pre-employment questions establishing eligibility to work for the specialty pet retailer. The questions determine whether prospective workers meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years and prove willingness to undergo substance screenings if hired. Additional pages of questions ask about personal experience taking care of pets and professional experience working in sales, retail, and customer service environments.
  • The next section, titled Application Information, asks applicants to provide the earliest start dates possible if hired and indicate preferences for working full-time, part-time, or either. Candidates must also select the days of the week and times of the day available for work. The section includes other questions exploring the willingness of applicants to work evenings, weekends, holidays, overtime, and various shifts, including overnight. Potential associates must list acceptable pay rates or salary expectations, as well.
  • Before asking for work history, the online form gives applicants the opportunity to upload resumes. Candidates without resumes must manually list the workplace, location, start and end dates, supervisor, responsibilities, and title of each previous job held. After providing a complete history of employment, applicants respond to additional questions about job performance and work experience.
  • The Application Information section continues with a few questions regarding the academic backgrounds of potential employees. Applicants must then answer a series of questions evaluating reactions to various job situations, personal work styles, self-descriptions, and work preferences. After responding to the probing questions, candidates encounter a brief survey containing queries relating to household income, veteran status, and the source of the job listing.
  • Before submitting the completed form, applicants may review the information for accuracy and completeness. Once satisfied with the information provided, candidates must submit the application only after verifying the truth of the information presented in the forms. While the sections of the online application remain the same for entry-level and management positions, the length of time needed to complete the form generally ranges from 10 to 50 minutes and depends on the type of job sought.

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Available Positions
Frequently available PetSmart jobs range from entry-level cashier and sales associate positions to management careers in areas like operations, presentation, pet products, and support. Cashiers act as store ambassadors and make sure each customer enjoys a fulfilling shopping experience, while sales associates keep shelves stocked with merchandise, set up product displays, dispense information about pet care and products, and take care of the live animals available in store. Managers supervise entry-level team members and also enforce company standards and policies, ensure achievement of financial goals, and build relationships with local animal shelters and community members. In addition to hiring for traditional retail jobs, each location hires employees to work as in-store groomers, trainers, and pet care specialists.

Job Benefits
Full-time crew members averaging at least 36 hours of work per week qualify for PetSmart employment benefits. The major retail chain extends health-oriented job benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as short-term and long-term disability, to eligible workers. Qualified employees also take advantage of financial employment benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans, tuition assistance, and a company stock purchase plan. The pet supplies retailer offers paid time off, associate discounts, and discounts with other vendors, as well.

Helpful Tips For Applying
To establish the most attractive candidacy possible, applicants should demonstrate schedule flexibility when filling out job applications. Indicating ability and willingness to work evenings, weekends, holidays, and overtime as needed often results in increased hiring consideration from managers. When marking the days of the week and times of day available for work, applicants should also remain as open as possible and avoid submitting schedules requiring constant accommodations to fit with the schedules of other, more flexible store associates. In addition to indicating flexibility with regards to work shifts, job seekers should use common sense and think like an employer when responding to the questions about workplace situations and preferences. Applicants should also make sure to give consistent answers, as some of the questions often appear again in slightly different wording to check for uniformity of responses.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Job seekers may track the status of submitted applications by logging in to the PetSmart careers website with the usernames and passwords created at the beginning of the application process. After logging in, users must click on the tab marked Applications at the top of the page. The tab takes applicants to a listing of all jobs previously applied for and shows the status and other relevant details of each application. For further information, candidates may choose to check the status of applications personally by calling or visiting the store and speaking with hiring managers.