Pathmark Application Online

Why Work Here? With a focus on caring for both employees and customers, Pathmark cultivates inviting and enjoyable atmospheres at over 100 locations. Though primarily a grocery store chain selling produce, meat products, and unperishable food items, the company also provides pharmacy and banking services. Work seekers of varied employment experience and expertise find part-time and full-time jobs in entry-level positions like customer service representative, cashier, and department clerks. Individuals looking for long-lasting careers maintain the option of turning to pharmaceutical, managerial, and corporate office positions.

In addition to excellent and diverse job opportunities, Pathmark offers associates comprehensive employment benefits packages as a subsidiary of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. The company provides assistance in all areas of life including health and wellness, financial and retirement, parenting, and time off. Associates also enjoy additional perks and discounts when joining the company workforce comprised of over 10,000 employees.

Pathmark Online Application Process
As a leading provider of entry-level work opportunities, Pathmark keeps an undated list of all available job opportunities via an online portal: Interested individuals may access the list of jobs on the career section of the company website and should follow the steps sitting below in order to apply:

  • Once an available position fitting individual skills and experiences presents, job seekers should click on Apply.
  • Create accounts with the portal by providing email addresses and secure passwords.
  • Set up security questions, which allow individuals to verify their identity should passwords get lost.
  • As an optional step, job seekers may upload resumes. The portal extracts the content and expedites the application process by inserting information into the relevant fields.
  • Enter personal contact information such as name, Social Security number, street address, and phone numbers.
  • Next, candidates should provide a list of relevant equipment and machinery familiar with and capable of operating.
  • Job seekers must then provide comprehensive work experience histories, including positions held and any additional certifications, degrees, and skills possessed.
  • Upload or copy and paste resumes and/or cover letters into designated fields.
  • Click the Confirm button to read over provided information. If mistakes occur, hit the Edit button. If all the provided information stands accurate, click Submit.
  • Answer voluntary self-disclosure questions pertaining to race, gender, and veteran status. Job seekers must confirm answers stand correct before moving forward with the application process.
  • Accurately answer all non-management, multiple choice questions including inquires about age, legal work eligibility, and consent regarding drug tests.
  • Submitting the questionnaire concludes the creation of the job portal profile and leads to a page with the job description of the position selected. To continue with the application, click the Online Application button.
  • A new tab should open in the browser. Job seekers must then go about entering contact information, weekly availability, and previous street addresses.
  • After all required fields stand filled, candidates must enter employment history.
  • Once employment history stands provided, job seekers need to enter education history, which includes achievements, additional certifications, professional licenses, any additional languages spoken, and personal statements.
  • Job seekers must then read and agree or disagree to release authorization.
  • Finally, candidates must give an electronic signature by typing their name and selecting the present date before submitting the complete application.

Search Pathmark Jobs

Available Positions
From cashier to store manager, Pathmark offers job seekers a variety of entry-level and career-oriented work opportunities. Entry-level positions typically include cashier, customer service clerk, and department-specific clerk. Cashiers stand responsible for greeting customers, ringing up items, and neatly bagging purchases. Associates who fill cashier positions earn upwards of minimum wage. Customer service employees handle patron questions and concerns to ensure enjoyable shopping experiences and also garner wages around the state minimum. Clerks who work in the various departments of stores must frequently direct shoppers to specific items, restock shelves, and maintain the cleanliness of departments. Such employees typically earn between $10.00 and $12.00 hourly pay rates.

Career-oriented positions typically prove available in managerial capacities. Job opportunities present as department managers, assistant store managers, and store managers. Management stands responsible for organizing workers, leading by example, ordering stock, balancing store budgets, and maintaining positive store reputations. Managers may garner hourly wages as lucrative as $18.00 and annual salary packages up to $70,000.

Job Benefits
Both full-time and part-time employees enjoy job benefits packages. Typically, perks include health insurance which offers dental plans, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, medical leave, vacation time, paid holidays, paid time off, associate discounts, and paid job training.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Individuals should typically set aside 20 minutes to half an hour to complete the application process. Gathering the information for attended schools and universities, past employers, and references at old jobs before beginning the application may expedite the process and save time. Job seekers should also structure resumes to highlight the most relevant work experiences and marketable skills to attach to online applications in order to impress. Finally, workers should always look over applications before officially submitting to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
As Pathmark mostly manages the hiring process via an online job portal, individuals interested in following up on applications should first turn to created profiles. Login to the portal using email addresses and passwords. Individuals prove able to view records of all submitted applications and whether the submissions stand pending, rejected, or awaiting further action from hiring managers. Additionally, job seekers may call or visit store locations to speak to the appropriate personnel.