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Why Work Here? Job seekers consistently choose Panda Express as an ideal company to work for due to a large network of locations, continued expansion, ongoing training opportunities, and room for career growth. In addition to serving as a long-standing tradition in the fast food industry, the popular Chinese fast food chain provides thousands of job opportunities across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dubai, Guam, and Korea. Applicants find work available in diverse settings ranging from college campuses and frequented shopping malls to locations in grocery stores as well as traditional on-street fast food restaurants. The chain offers clearly defined career paths offering competitive pay and employee benefits packages. Workers may also participate in philanthropic events hosted, sponsored, or funded by the restaurant.

Panda Express Online Application Process
Panda Express allows applicants to fill out hiring forms online. Simply log on to the online job portal: and follow the instructions listed below to apply.

  • In order to gain access to the online application, workers must visit the Panda Express homepage and then click on link under the Company tab marked Panda Careers. Clicking on the button brings job hopefuls to an employment landing page.
  • After accessing the employment landing page, individuals then click the Find a Career button at the top right of the screen. The next page provides five drop-down menus, which allow workers to select main language spoken, preferred locations, preferred country, and type of career.
  • Job seekers may choose from hourly or managerial roles.
  • Selecting either hourly positions or careers in management takes applicants to job portals complete with listings of work currently available. Clicking on a specific position brings workers to corresponding job descriptions. Applicants may then click Apply Online, which begins the official application process.
  • Each individual job seeker must create a username and password to submit an online hiring form. In total, filling out and submitting the form may take upwards of 45 minutes. To expedite the process, workers may upload resumes, from which the form extracts information and automatically fills in data fields.
  • The next page offers spaces and charts for contact information, scheduling preferences, and expected pay. Workers then submit employment history on the following page.
  • Panda Express also includes job assessments to pre-screen applicants for eligibility. The next three sections of the application leading up to the disclaimers and signature portions of the form require candidates to answer questions about general personality traits, expected behavior in the workplace, experience in the fast food industry, and a questionnaire regarding potential job duties.
  • Clicking Submit finalizes the document and officially places candidates under review.

Search Panda Express Jobs

Available Positions
The most widely available Panda Express fast food jobs include service team and kitchen staff employment opportunities. Workers in the roles primarily assume part-time schedules upon hire and carry out food preparation, sanitation, customer service, and cashier responsibilities. Motivated individuals may eventually receive promotion into assistant manager positions, which serve as supervisory and organizational extensions of the company. Assistant managers enforce policies, create work schedules, motivate subordinates, and carry out entry-level job duties, as needed. General manager jobs build on the responsibilities of assistant managers, with core duties ranging from ensuring customer satisfaction and driving profits to ordering supplies and reporting sales to corporate officials. Careers seekers may also find work at the company headquarters in Rosemead, CA, USA.

Work Benefits
Intensive training programs stand at the forefront of job benefits available through Panda Express restaurants. Workers interested in managerial careers may participate in the GMIT or General Manager In Training Program, which provide in-depth orientation into company policy and general operations. Field operations internships also stand readily available and teach participants the foundations of teamwork, trust, and innovation in the field of fast food. Traditional work benefits, such as competitive base pay and salary options, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, and healthcare coverage also remain available; however, employees must generally assume full-time managerial roles for eligibility. Meal discounts usually extend to both part-time and full-time associates.

Helpful Tips For Applying
Hiring personnel typically look for dedicated individuals able to work a variety of shifts with long-term or stable desires for employment. In addition to availability and commitment to the fast food chain, Panda Express grants preferential treatment to workers who prepare and submit resumes along with hiring documents. Resumes often shed professional light on applicants and demonstrate preparedness as well as drive to work. Bright, bubbly, and personable attitudes serve candidates best, as most jobs involve some aspects of customer service. Some culinary experience may laud aspiring team members over other job seekers; however, employment requirements largely center on reliable transportation and meeting the minimum age of 16.

How To Follow Up After Applying Online
Panda Express usually calls eligible applicants within a day or two of formally submitting hiring forms. Employment hopefuls should expect phone calls to schedule interviews no more than a week out from handing in or electronically submitting applications. The entire hiring process, interviews included, may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the position desired. Workers who do not receive phone calls within the next day or two after submitting applications should call, email, or visit locations onsite to inquire about the next steps in the process. Speak with management directly and demonstrate gratitude for the opportunity to apply. Asking about company culture and potential duties also factor into effective follow ups. Taking active interest in company work environments and prospective responsibilities shows motivation and may lead to additional review.

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