Lids Application Online

Why Work Here?
Lids specializes in athletic headwear. The American retailer runs stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Locations commonly reside in shopping malls and factory outlet centers for easy accessibility. Founded in 1995 in Indianapolis, IN, the first five years of operation saw the sale of over 6,000 hats. Approximately 1,100 stores offer officially licensed and branded memorabilia for college and major professional sports teams. The company is a subsidiary of Genesco Inc.

Thousands of employees work together to ensure the successful operation of the retail chain. Customer service experts find generous rewards for aiding in store development. Opportunities for individuals with little experience are available and often lead to career growth. Team members embrace passion for sports and communicating with the general public. To meet qualifications, candidates also need to possess love for competition, leadership skills, and can manage their time wisely.

Lids Online Application Process
Applying online at the following website allows candidates to quickly and effortlessly go through the hiring process: In order to successfully apply for a position, applicants should follow the step-by-step directions listed below:

  • Aspirants select between retail, corporate, or distribution center opportunities on the main career page. If interested in an entry-level retail opening, candidates should click the link for store positions.
  • A search function appears, and contenders should enter the state and city or zip code of the location of interest. Then, possible job titles appear and candidates select Apply to begin the process.
  • The form requests names, email addresses, usernames, passwords, and preferred languages. Online applicants get confirmation emails after creating the accounts. Read the electronic consent to continue.
  • A typical Lids application takes approximately 10 to 50 minutes depending on the position. A box on the right-hand side shows progress as applicants move through the proceedings.
  • Online profile creators can upload resumes, import one from LinkedIn, cut and paste one, or choose to continue without attaching anything.
  • Personal information appears on the page with some blanks prepopulated from registration information. Other details needed include address, state, city, phone number, and Social Security number.
  • Contenders should read through the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Following the information, aspirants answer pre-employment questions about legal right to work in the United States, age, and consent to criminal background checks. The form continues by asking about retail experience, schedule flexibility, and if applicants actually shop at Lids.
  • The next category inquires about availability, such as start date, work preference, and the days candidates are willing to work.
  • After selecting a minimal salary requirement, applicants arrive at work history and provide detailed information on former employers. Several blank fields ask for length of employment, duties, addresses, and phone numbers for each former job.
  • The educational background section comes next. Enter school types, names, and locations. Candidates should also provide two professional or business-related references.
  • Contenders complete assessments specifically targeting work style, personality traits, and demeanor. The application assessments remain active for 180 days after completion.
  • As the application wraps up, aspirants answer equal employment opportunity questions, read through a pre-check, and finally review through the entire form before submission.

Search Lids Jobs

Available Positions

Individuals select from opportunities in retail, corporate, and distribution centers. Entry-level positions usually center on customer interaction. Workers meticulously display goods and provide product knowledge. Sales associates, assistant store managers, and managers earn industry competitive wages. Entry-level contenders enjoy pay rates around $8.00 to $9.00 an hour. Managerial roles garner larger incomes of $10.00 to $12.00 an hour. In corporate offices, aspirants select from human resources, accounting, merchandising, public relations, and information technology. Laborers in the distribution department often create custom, embellished products, and may also work with athletic teams to customize orders.

Job Benefits

Employment benefits focus meeting the lifestyle needs of every worker. Store discounts on merchandise, such as hats, apparel, and accessories of favorite sports teams, are huge enticement many candidates look forward to upon hire. Other typical job benefits, such as health insurance, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance, and an employee assistance program, also encourage job hopefuls to apply. Advancement into management and corporate-level careers remains available for skilled and dedicated staff members.

Helpful Tips for Applying

Applicants can prepare submissions ahead of time by creating detailed and relevant resumes. The application forms should showcase passion for sports and helping customers. Candidates need to carefully read through job descriptions in order to meet the necessary qualifications. Potential workers should set aside a considerable amount of time to carefully answer the assessment questions. Applying at more than one store is a great way to increase the likelihood of employment.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online

After applying online for a position of interest, prospective workers typically wait between one and three weeks to hear back from managers. Normally, recruiters only contact applicants if interested in scheduling an interview. If a candidate does not receive a response after a few days, the individual should call or meet with management in person. Reapply, if denied employment. The chain gives repeat applicants equal review.