Kohl’s Application Online

Why Work Here? With more than 1,100 department stores to staff, Kohl’s always has jobs available for motivated and energetic workers capable of enhancing shopping experiences for customers. Because the nationwide retailer hires associates to fill a variety of different positions at each store, job seekers enjoy opportunities to pursue employment in areas of retail operations ranging from sales and replenishment to customer service and management. Whether entry-level or managerial, each store employee works for a company committed to building collaborative teams of associates, making ethical decisions, and upholding core values that encourage integrity as well as personal development. In addition to using positive values to inspire and guide workers on the job, the retail chain offers regular pay increases, employee recognition, and opportunities for advancement into management positions or corporate careers.

Online Application Process
Located at http://kohlscareers.com/, the Kohl’s employment website enables job seekers to browse and apply online for available positions. Clicking the tab labeled Search and Apply at the top of the webpage takes applicants to a listing of corporate vacancies as well as hourly jobs for stores in Michigan and Wisconsin. Candidates looking for work in other states must click the designated link to access the appropriate job listings.

  • After selecting positions to pursue, job seekers must click the Apply button and provide basic contact information to create user profiles and begin the application process.
  • For most candidates, the application opens with a questionnaire inquiring about customer service abilities, work habits, and availability.
  • The rest of the online form contains sections for work history, education, and references. After providing the requested information, job seekers complete the process of applying by reviewing the form and clicking the Submit Application button.
  • For applicants interested in management positions, the application process starts at the Our Jobs tab on the employment website. Candidates must then choose the option for Stores from the menu.
  • The next webpage includes a link for executive store opportunities, which applicants must click to view managerial job listings. After identifying suitable positions, candidates must create login profiles, upload or copy and paste resumes, and complete online applications similar to the ones used for entry-level job seekers.
  • In addition to sections for education and work history, the online form for managerial employment includes job-specific questions probing for details about prior experiences in retail management.

Search Kohl’s Jobs

Available Positions
Entry-level candidates applying for Kohl’s jobs typically qualify for customer service associate, sales associate, and replenishment associate positions. Also known as cashiers, customer service associates ring up purchases and perform cash-handling procedures at checkout stations. The entry-level job involves constant interaction with customers. Sales associates also interact with customers frequently in order to help shoppers locate merchandise, explain store policies and promotions, and assist with fitting rooms when necessary. Employees work with replenishment associates to organize sales floors, as well. Replenishment associates also bring merchandise and signage to the sales floor from the stockroom, collect trash and perform light maintenance, and receive product deliveries. Entry-level employees work under the supervision of store management teams. Composed of various assistant managers and an overall store manager, management teams ensure the success of retail operations by overseeing and improving customer service, store presentation, sales and profits, inventory, and employee development.

Job Benefits
Kohl’s associates enjoy total rewards packages featuring a comprehensive mix of employment benefits. In addition to competitive base compensation, which takes the form of either hourly pay rates or annual salary options, eligible workers take advantage of health insurance, vacation time, and retirement benefits like 401(k) retirement plans. Other job benefits include bonuses and incentives, merchandise discounts, and educational, social, and wellness programs.

Helpful Tips For Applying
Already a generally straightforward process, applying online for employment at Kohl’s becomes even easier when applicants make the necessary preparations ahead of time. Before starting applications, candidates should collect contact information and other relevant details for past employers, former schools, and current references. Managerial applicants should also prepare updated resumes to upload. When responding to application questions about work habits or personality traits, job seekers should try to select the answers most reflective of the missions and values of the company. The retail chain requires schedule flexibility and weekend availability, so applicants should note the ability to work various shifts throughout the week, as well.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Candidates applying through the Kohl’s careers website may log back in at any time to check the status of submitted applications. Applicants unable to check the status online should contact the store directly to follow up. When following up on an application, job seekers should speak with a manager or employee with hiring authority and ask whether the position remains vacant, provide the highlights of information provided on the application form, and express sincere interest in working for the major retailer. Following up in person often has a stronger impact, as applicants gain the opportunity to make a memorable impression by dressing and behaving professionally yet enthusiastically when visiting the store.