KFC Application Online

Why Work Here? Kentucky Fried Chicken represents one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. The prominent company maintains close to 19,000 locations in over 115 countries around the world. Domestically, KFC manages more than 4,700 storefronts, which accounts for tens of thousands of job opportunities. As a fast food purveyor with a broad, global reach, the niche chain offers sound career paths featuring increasing pay scales and excellent work benefits. Employees also build excellent teamwork and communications skills in collaborative job settings, which often set associates up for fruitful careers in various industries outside of restaurant or fast food retail operations.

KFC Online Application Process
Kentucky Fried Chicken provides online access to the application process. Prospective employees should log on to the online job portal: http://jobs.kfc.com/ and follow the instructions listed below to apply.

    The Kentucky Fried Chicken application process begins on the company homepage.

    Workers click on the tab titled Careers at the bottom of the page to access job listings. Once selected, the tab takes applicants to a landing page where employment hopefuls may search for work by category and region.

    Input the desired areas and job titles to bring up corresponding search results.

    Click on a position or positions desired from the dropdown field provided on the next page and then click Apply Now when ready.

  • Candidates must create usernames and passwords to move forward with the application process. After creating passwords, job seekers then begin the hiring form by providing contact information, verifying age over 16, and renouncing use of illegal drugs or alcohol while on the clock.
  • The application also asks whether candidates currently work or previously worked for any Yum! Brand Inc. companies.
  • Workers then provide availability on a detailed chart before indicating earliest start date possible, salary expectations, and desired status (full-time/part-time/seasonal).
  • Work history and education sections follow, with the final page asking for a professional reference.
  • Before applicants submit and close out the form, workers must provide digital signatures and agree to the terms of the KFC hiring process.

Search KFC Jobs

Available Positions
While the fast food chain offers diversity in locations, workers primarily choose from two set career fields on staff: team member or manager. Team member roles prove entry-level in nature and require no formal experience for employment consideration. Most team members work part-time and assume varied shifts upon hire. Job duties mainly include food preparation, restocking supplies and materials,’ customer service, and basic sanitation. Management also carries out entry-level team member duties as needed in addition to scheduling, hiring, training, and motivating subordinate workers. Upper-level managers, such as general managers and regional or district managers, closely monitor sales and report gains/losses to the company regional offices or home headquarters.

Job Benefits
Joining the global network of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants offers new-hires rampant opportunities for growth from both within and outside of the company. Aside from competitive base pay, ongoing and compensated training, and avenues for career development, associates enjoy meal discounts, flexible scheduling, and excellent networking capabilities. Parent company Yum! Brands Inc. also offers lucrative job benefits packages to qualifying employees. Work benefits packages regularly consist of vacation days, 401(k) retirement plans, medical, dental, prescription drug, and life insurance coverage, adoption assistance, mentoring programs, and bonus incentives.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Applicants should remain patient when submitting hiring forms. Unless a specific location outwardly expresses an immediate need to onboard help, job seekers may wait months to hear back regarding available positions. Workers should visit locations in person and inquire about hiring needs with management directly to avoid lengthy waiting periods and to demonstrate sincere interest in employment with the fried chicken fast food chain. Individuals able to work nights, weekends, and holidays also gain preferential treatment during the hiring process.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
A motivated job seeker waits a few days after submitting an application. The move reaffirms desire to work for the company and helps a candidate stand out among less enthusiastic applicants. Email, phone calls, and personal visits to desired locations work best when checking on the status of an outstanding application. Workers checking on applications in person often receive immediate hiring consideration and participate in on-the-spot interviews. Phone calls rank as the second-most effective means of checking on applications, followed by emailing, which may appear too impersonal compared to other methods; however, email remains perfectly acceptable and consistently results in further review from Kentucky Fried Chicken.