Holiday Inn Application Online

Why Work Here?
A chain of more than 1,200 locations, Holiday Inn operates as one of the leading hospitality chains in the world. Hotels in most major metropolitan areas provide easy access to meaningful jobs, with opportunities for relocation available on a consistent basis. Applicants may find both part-time and full-time employment with the lodging company, including entry-level positions and professional careers. Workers enjoy flexible hours, career advancement potential, and competitive pay scales in addition to world-class job benefits packages.

Holiday Inn also offers online courses through parent company Intercontinental Hotel Group designed to improve inner-office communication as well as interactions with guests. Employees enjoy expert coaching on subjects like mentally and physically preparing before engaging coworkers and guests in difficult conversations. The hotel celebrates associates and often highlights individual achievements onsite, in pamphlets and advertisements, and online.

Holiday Inn Online Application Process
Work opportunities remain in high abundance through the international hotel chain. Visiting the online careers portal begins the hiring process and offers in-depth looks at available positions.

  • After clicking on the link provided, applicants land on the Intercontinental Hotel Group careers homepage, which provides information specific to each brand. A green button in the center of the screen labeled Find a Job takes users to an employment page exclusively highlighting Holiday Inn opportunities.
  • The following page provides data fields for candidates to enter in job ID numbers, keywords, select positions from dropdown menus, or search by location. Entering information into any of the data fields brings up lists of search results regarding relevant opportunities.
  • Click on an individual job title from the results to apply for a specific position and then select the green Apply Now button to begin the formal process.
  • After accepting the terms of the application, each job seeker must create an online profile using a valid email and a unique password. Returning applicants need only enter in existing information.
  • Once logged in, applicants must indicate hearing about the opportunity via various employment networks and advertisements. Choose the one best describing the individual method of coming across the job.
  • The Holiday Inn online application form takes around 10 minutes to complete. Workers first come across prompts to connect social media accounts, which prepopulate data fields found on the hiring forms, or to upload resumes to take advantage of the same convenience. Job hopefuls may also opt to fill out employment documents manually.
  • On the first page of the online application, employment seekers must provide contact information and indicate any past histories working for the hotel chain. The next page offers workers a second opportunity to upload resumes and/or cover letters.
  • Moving forward, individuals must provide detailed work histories and information regarding education backgrounds. The data fields primarily ask for the names of former academic institutions and employers, starting and ending dates for each, and the specific titles of past jobs.
  • Workers progress to job questionnaires, which make inquiries into legal citizenship and right to work in the country hosting the desired employment opportunity. The questions also probe into hours of availability, experience in the hotel industry, and possession of valid driving permits.
  • A final section of the application asks about candidate race as related to diversity standards. A green button at the bottom of the page labeled Submit formally sends the hiring form away for official review.

Search Holiday Inn Jobs

Available Positions
A majority of jobs available at Holiday Inn hotels include entry-level front desk and housekeeping positions. Workers need no real experience to fill the base-level jobs; however, some background in either field often benefits candidates and leads to further review from hiring personnel. Personality generally overshadows most other attributes outside of individual work ethics. Many entry-level and even career-level jobs require direct contact with guests. Some hotels may feature in-house restaurants, which require teams of cooks, servers, dishwashers, bussers, and greeters to maintain operations. Culinary skills and basic hygiene often come into play for culinary-related positions. Aspiring administrators may take interest in managerial opportunities. Applicants must stand at least 18 to gain employment consideration for any position.

Job Benefits
Career coaching, flexible hours, lucrative pay, and access to employment benefits packages make Holiday Inn jobs ideal for motivated and dependable workers. Upon hire, entry-level employees and full-time associates enjoy discounts on stays and other hotel services. Additional work benefits include paid vacation, personal time off, healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, and employee assistance programs. Depending on the position, individual workers may also qualify for tuition reimbursement and special pensions.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Job hopefuls should allot at least 10 to 15 minutes in order to complete online applications. Readying important materials prior to filling out the web-based forms also serves as a great way to navigate applications without issues. Workers should seriously consider linking social media accounts or uploading resumes to save time, as well. However, regardless of the amount of time needed to fill out the form, each applicant should go over answers submitted to double-check for mistakes.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Filling out an application online provides each job seeker with the chance to log back into the personal profiles needed to begin the process and check on the status of an outstanding hiring form. Applicants may also check back with hiring personnel at desired locations to inquire about standing with the company. When following up with locations directly, call, email, or visit the hotels and ask to speak with management. Talking with personnel in charge of recruitment in a specific field or fields usually benefits candidates the most.