Forever 21 Application Online

Why Work Here?
Forever 21 remains popular among associates for positive company cultures. Employees enjoy friendly dynamic work atmospheres with plenty of flexibility for scheduling. The retailer allows crew members to work flexible hours and request days off. Workers complete daily tasks alongside dedicated team members and enjoy positive, uplifting experiences. Celebrating diversity, the company offers workers the ability to meet interesting people and attain new perspectives.

Forever 21 Online Application Process
Forever 21 provides web-based access to the application process. Follow the link to the job portal: and peruse the following instructions to successfully apply.

screenshot of career site for Forever 21
Follow the steps below to apply using the Forever 21 site
  • Applicants must create online profiles with private user names and passwords.
  • Once logged in, applicants begin filling out basic information, like names and addresses.
  • The form then asks for a contact comment, where applicants list the best times to call or indicate the best methods of contact.
  • After filling out the basic profile, a job hopeful may input a resume in the provided text field.
  • To save time, Forever 21 also allows applicants to upload resumes from file.
  • After the contact comment box, an applicant needs to add a descriptive phrase: a three-to-five-word phrase describing candidates professionally.
  • The diversity data section asks for ethnicity, gender, veteran status, and disability status.
  • Though the diversity data section needs completed to move on, candidates may answer questions or select Decline to Identify.

Video Walkthrough

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Available Positions
The major fashion retail chain offers an array of part-time jobs and full-time careers throughout each store. Common hourly store jobs at Forever 21 include sales associate, head cashier, and stock associate opportunities. Skilled and experienced workers may earn additional leadership responsibilities by advancing into head cashier and sales lead jobs. Fashion-forward applicants may take interest in visual merchandiser jobs. Leadership roles include co-manager, assistant manager, and sales manager positions. The trendy clothier also offers a wide range of careers in the company corporate offices.

Job Benefits
Forever 21 remains focused on employee care as evidenced by extensive work benefits. Available to qualifying full-time associates, job benefits packages include lucrative health and wellness and financial saving plans. For health and wellness, the retail company provides customizable medical and dental plans along with vision coverage. The retailer also offers flexible spending accounts for employees and dependents. Financial future benefits include 401(k) retirement plans and life insurance coverage. Employees may also access commuter and transit benefits.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Job hopefuls must provide correct and up-to-date information on the Forever 21 online application. The descriptive phrase serves as a simple and effective way to demonstrate value as an employee. In just three to five words, an applicant must provide desirable and conscientious phrasing. Examples of a quality descriptive phrase include “Customer-Focused Sales Associate” or “Seasoned Project Manager”. An applicant should try to stand out from other candidates by using unique phrases. Acceptable formats for uploading resumes include MS word, word perfect, RTF, and PDF. The system does not recognize Tiff and JPEG files.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
A week after applying, job seekers should call the store applied to and check on application status. Speak with a manager and express enthusiasm for the job. Aspiring employees should keep calls brief. Applicants may also use the opportunity to ask questions about the job. Inquiring about employment reflects interest in Forever 21 careers and may set an applicant apart from other candidates.