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Why Work Here? An expansive supermarket chain known for neighborhood business concepts, Food Lion operates over 1,100 locations across 10 U.S. states. The company employs more than 50,000 associates and takes pride in treating team members well. A valued employer, the grocer shows respect to workers and creates supportive, trusting atmospheres. In addition to empowering crew members, the supermarket believes in compensating associates fairly. Whether working full-time or part-time, employees enjoy market-competitive pay. Qualifying team members receive extensive benefits as well as ample opportunities for career development.

Food Lion Online Application Process
To begin the application process for Food Lion, applicants need to visit the company career page at Before searching and applying for jobs, candidates may search the career pages to learn more about company cultures and what working for the supermarket offers. Individuals ready to apply for a job with the company may follow the steps below:

screenshot of career site for Food Lion
Stick to the steps below to apply using the Food Lion site
  • Applicants first need to choose career areas. Options include retail, corporate, and distribution.
  • After selecting a desired career area, each candidate must denote if currently working for the brand.
  • Next, job seekers use the company job search engine to find open careers. Candidates may refine searches by keywords, operating company, business unit, hourly status, city, state, or zip code.
  • After setting up searches, lists of results appear, which candidates may use to click on job titles and learn more about positions.
  • If interested in a position, a job hopeful may click Apply Online.
  • First time applicants need to create usernames and passwords and fill out the name, address, and Social Security Number sections of the application. The form also asks for candidates to copy and paste or upload resumes.
  • Then, applicants need to answer pre-employment questions, such as: “Are you at least 18 years old?” and “Are you willing to relocate?”
  • The application concludes with sections on references, education, and past employment.
  • After completing the application process for one job, a candidate may return to the job search page to apply for additional opportunities.

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Search Food Lion Jobs

Available Positions
A wide range of careers exist across grocery store retail, distribution, and corporate units within the company. Store positions remain the most prevalent, and potential hires may easily apply for multiple roles at one time. Areas of employment at the store level include customer service, bakery, meat counter, and produce. Job hopefuls may apply for general associate positions or specialized roles, such as cake decorator or specialty merchandise associate. Most roles feature part-time and full-time opportunities.

Job Benefits
Many Food Lion workers receive core job benefits packages, which typically include health coverage, life insurance, and retirement saving plans. Factors like hourly status and tenure may affect the plans offered in work benefits packages. Qualified workers commonly enjoy health benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as wellness programs. Insurance plans include short-term and long-term disability and supplemental life coverage. To assist with future planning, the grocery retailer provides 401(k) retirement plans and investment plans with matching contributions. Additional job benefits workers may access include scholarship opportunities, employee assistance programs, credit union access, and discounts on store products.

Helpful Tips For Applying
Choosing the right position to apply for proves vitally important. Often pared against a number of competitors, candidates should select roles best suited to individual skills and experience. Additionally, when filling out applications, candidates should provide honest answers. Availability often distinguishes candidates, and potential hires want to show open schedules. Candidates should always mention inflexible obligations, like school or second jobs. Adding a resume to the application also serves as a key factor in helping a job hunter secure employment. If possible, workers should tailor resumes to show how personal skills satisfy the expectations of positions desired.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
A job searcher may keep track of applications by logging on to the career center with the username and password used to set up a profile. Clicking the View Application History tab shows applicants the date of any application submitted. If a week passes without receiving contact for a job, applicants may call the store or visit in person and ask to speak to a manager in charge of hiring. The job seeker should then inquire about the status of the position and express desire to work for the chain. Building a rapport with management and showing determination may lead to a job offer.