Denny’s Application Online

Why Work Here? Work with Denny’s remains abundant throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico in addition to exotic franchise locations found within the countries of Guam, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. Over 1,500 locations regularly need to hire both front-of-house and back-of-house employees. The restaurant chain boasts 24-hour service, which allows individuals with restrictive schedules to fill in whenever time permits. Workers enjoy competitive wages and job benefits for hard work and receive promotions accordingly commensurate with compensation motivation to succeed.

Denny’s Online Application Process
Interested restaurant industry workers may submit applications via the Denny’s job portal: Follow the instructions below to successfully receive consideration from hiring personnel:

  • After clicking through to the jobs homepage, applicants must search by keywords and locations to find available work in preferred areas. To the right of the page, a list with suggested job titles remains available.
  • Using the search button, individuals must select from a list of open positions listed down the page. Click on a suitable job and read the description to ensure individual skills match the desired abilities. Select Apply Now when ready to fill out hiring forms.
  • Initially, job hopefuls must create profiles with email addresses and passwords. On the same page, the website requires ranking of preferred locations.
  • The next step asks for personal information, including Social Security number, address, age, and legal right to work in the country. Denny’s candidates must also write in reasons for applying.
  • Click the Continue button to list prior work experiences. Each past employment experience requires employer name, address, and phone number as well as job titles held, duties, and start and end dates. The section ends with a question to give permission for Denny’s to contact present employers.
  • The form then takes candidates to the education section where school names and addresses prove necessary. If achieved, indicate graduation and area of study before moving on to the references section.
  • Provide first and last names of three individuals known for at least one year excluding family. Make sure to click Add Reference in order to satisfy the three reference requirement.
  • Applicants go on to fill out personal availability schedules. The section also requires indication of reliable transportation, full- or part-time commitment, and weekend and holiday availability.
  • Finishing the application requires applicants to electronically sign the document to verify the accuracy of information provided. Click the I Agree checkbox and then submit for hiring consideration.

Search Denny’s Jobs

Available Positions
Part-time, full-time, and seasonal positions remain accessible for restaurant industry job seekers. Typical starting positions pay minimum wage. Entry-level roles include server, cooks, and dishwashers. For each position, some interpersonal skills remain required. Job roles like servers which require frequent interaction with the public demand interpersonal communication skills. Each worker frequently takes part in cleaning and maintenance duties in addition to daily assigned responsibilities revolving around supplying service to customers. Advancement opportunities give workers chances to become shift leads, who generally earn around $10.00 per hour and eventually enter into higher authority roles. Assistant and general managers enjoy the most income potential, with GMs raking in around $50,000 yearly.

Job Benefits
Full-time employees working at least 30 hours per week may take part in the generous job benefits offered by Denny’s. Some work benefits include medical, dental, and vision coverages along with prescription drug plans and short- and long-term disability plans. The company also provides employees access to various discounts for entertainment, clothing, and travel. While in-house discounts for food persist, associates may take advantage of reduced cost car rentals, amusement park tickets, and wireless phones. Eligible employees receive 401(k) retirement plan options, as well.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Only include relevant past employer and education information. Falsifying information on applications may result in legal repercussions and restriction from ever working for Denny’s. Managers typically take time to interview only serious candidates, so contact prior to interviews must remain professional. In-person meetings require candidates to wear clothing suitable for the occasion. Indicate desire to work for the company and how the company may uniquely benefit from extending a job offer.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
While submitting applications via the online job portal remains the first step in the process, job aspirants must continue contact with desired locations in order to impress hiring management. Sustain contact by email, phone, or in-person visits. Simply attempting contact with hiring personnel may prove enough to gain an interview with the company. Displaying persistence without becoming a nuisance remains key. Attempt contact during times traditionally known for low volumes of customers, as the initiative displays common-sense awareness.