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Why Work Here? Spanning nine countries and boasting nearly 475 retail locations in the U.S. alone, Costco represents one of the largest privately held companies in the world. Using membership-only business platforms and warehouse, wholesale sourcing tactics, the international retailer maintains consistent patronage resulting in more than $110 billion in annual revenue. In order to staff locations, the major wholesale chain employs a massive workforce of around 190,000 personnel. Job seekers regularly cash in on the availability of positions for hire due to the expansive nature of company operations and continued growth since the warehouse-style retailer began in 1983.

Costco stores offer employees stability, career growth, and paid training upon hire. Locations place heavy emphases on inclusion, ethics, and rewarding model behavior. As a major international retailer, the chain of membership-only retail clubs also provides sound employment benefits packages. Entry-level associates exemplifying the company codes of conduct and dedication to responsibilities may graduate into managerial, warehouse, licensed specialist, IT, regional, and home office positions featuring lucrative pay increases and full-time hours.

Costco Online Application Process
Costco provides online access to the application process. Candidates may apply for available jobs by accessing and following the instructions below.

  • After clicking on the “Jobs” tab at the bottom of the Costco company homepage, employment hopefuls come to a page offering brief descriptions of work available. At the bottom of the page sits a button labeled “Apply Now.” Click the button to begin the formal application process.
  • The following page allows candidates to select jobs either by proximity or by specific position. Workers should select the option best suited to individual preferences. Searching by position offers applicants direct connections to work available in particular departments. Job searches made by proximity highlight accessible employment opportunities in surrounding areas. In either case, employment hopefuls must select individual locations.
  • Making a selection and moving forward, each candidate must then create an online profile to begin the Costco application form. A consent to disclose information appears on the first page after creating an online profile. Click the checkbox to indicate having read the materials and then click “Next.”
  • Applicants then provide additional contact information, such as phone numbers and street addresses, and then select the best methods of contact regarding available jobs as well as the way candidates heard about positions available.
  • Costco requires job hopefuls to consent to background checks at both the federal and state levels. The next two pages ask for permission to process individual criminal and professional histories in order to gain insight into aspiring employees.
  • Workers must also indicate the ability to prove citizenship and the legal right to work at desired locations. Another page asks for consent to submit to drug screening.
  • A series of pre-employment questions follow. Subjects covered include inquiries into age, restrictions regarding responsibilities, experience in the retail industry, current residence, availability, general work history, education background, and references. The section also includes a brief tax questionnaire.
  • The online hiring form rounds out with questions regarding the business as an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO). Candidates may wish to decline specifying gender and ethnicity or any other revealing information for personal reasons if preferred.
  • Once prospective associates complete the EEO questionnaire, the retail chain prompts individuals to review applications before formally submitting the documents. A red button at the bottom of the screen completes the process and sends the finished digital documents on to hiring personnel for review.

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Available Positions
Varied departments requiring entry-level employees offer excellent opportunities for work with minimal requirements. Individuals must stand at least 18 years old and possess some flexibility in scheduling. Applicants may put in requests for traditional cashier and stock jobs as well as departmental baker, food service, and general retail positions. Options for both part-time and full-time positions in company warehouses, regional and home offices, and in various other capacities remain widely available, as well.

Job Benefits
Extensive resources and dedication to employees at every level premise the care and rewards Costco provides for both part-time and full-time associates. Paid training and generous pay serve as typical base employment benefits. Workers may advance through departmental ranks into senior positions, such as supervisory or managerial roles offering exceptional salary options. The membership-only club also offers job benefits packages to qualifying associates. Eligible employees enjoy medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans, mental health assistance, 401(k) retirement plans, pension plans, worker’s compensation and disability plans, and commuter reimbursements. The retailer also extends generous paid time off, which begins after 90 days of employment for part-time workers and after 180 days for full-time employees.

Helpful Tips for Applying
With a strong moral and ethical compass, Costco uses the hiring process to screen for workers who represent ideal fits with the company image. Applicants should research the expectations for new-hires and company codes of conduct in order to gauge whether personal abilities align with general standards of behavior on the job. Individuals with caring, outgoing, and courteous attitudes often receive high marks during the hiring process. Additional characteristics sought include the ability to work on foot for long periods of time, manual dexterity, excellent interpersonal skills, and reliable means of transportation. During the application process, workers should demonstrate abilities relating to company cultures via hiring forms and in-person visits with managers and staff to increase odds of employment.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
After submitting online applications, job seekers should wait between a few days and a week to hear back from hiring personnel outright before reaching out to inquire about individual statuses. Once a week or so passes without word, individuals should call or visit locations and ask to speak with management directly. Taking the extra initiative often sheds positive lights on candidates and improves chances of receiving job offers.