Claire’s Application Online

Why Work Here?
Boasting nearly 2,000 stores across the United States, Claire’s provides entry-level job seekers and career professionals outstanding opportunities for employment in fields like customer service, sales, stock, and management. The major commercial retailer pulls in close to $1.4 billion a year. Employees enjoy part-time and full-time jobs offering competitive base pay, avenues for career development, flexible hours, and in-house, compensated training. Jobs also provide access to employee benefits packages and the ability to relocate internationally, as the retail chain operates in over 30 countries outside the U.S.

The popular jewelry and fashion accessories retailer primarily caters to younger workers, which offers widespread employment options for high school and college students. Applicants need to be at least 16. However, applicants under 16 may obtain special work permits for cashier jobs, in most cases. New stores open on a regular basis, which creates even more opportunities for employment.

Claire’s Online Application Process
Click on the following link: for instant access to the online application process and complete the form for immediate hiring consideration.

  • Log on to the Claire’s career page and click on a desired role within the company. The landing page provides options for three categories: store roles, regional sales and district management positions, support jobs.
  • The following screen prompts new users to create accounts using valid emails and unique passwords. Existing users can simply log in using personal credentials. Job hopefuls may search openings and submit general resumes for consideration on the page, as well.
  • Search and click on desired job titles to fill out applications online.
  • Clicking on the individual jobs brings up full descriptions of the positions, including requirements, responsibilities, and a brief company bio. Workers must select the Apply For Job tab at the top of the screen to continue.
  • Divided into 10 sections, the online application asks for information regarding current employment with Claire’s, RV and cover letter submissions, personal backgrounds, work experience, education details, questions regarding interest in the position, and a sign off on the company equal opportunity policies. The final screen contains a submit button to finalize the form.

Search Claire’s Jobs

Available Positions
A majority of the jobs available are part-time, entry-level employment opportunities in customer service and sales. Job seekers also routinely find work as stock associates and shift supervisors. Applicants with may fill out hiring forms for managerial positions at various levels, including assistant management, store management, regional management, and district management, as well. Most entry-level positions pay minimum wage and offer increases based on performance. Managerial roles pay either hourly wages or annual salary options. Most upper-level managerial jobs, such as district and regional manager positions, pay annual salary.

Job Benefits
Claire’s locations support creativity and breed positivity among associates. Workers enjoy eclectic, engaging, and fun-oriented environments complete with paid training and access to employment benefits packages. Upon hire, individuals receive generous discounts on services and merchandise. Other exclusive work benefits include paid time off, healthcare options, life insurance plans, and 401(k) retirement plans. Associates work full-time in order to qualify for employee benefits packages.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Regardless of job title, each applicant must possess an outgoing and motivated personality. The ability to work varied schedules and stand or walk for long periods of time remain extremely important, as well. Typical job duties include basic arithmetic and require the use of computers. Other key functions range from making fashion recommendations to performing piercings, if called upon. When submitting applications, workers should highlight relevant information and submit resumes to further demonstrate abilities, even for entry-level roles. Taking the time to put together additional hiring documents often shows genuine interest and may lead to added consideration.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Claire’s user accounts provide candidates the ability to check on hiring forms at any time after submission. Workers simply log back into the job platform and click on the tab labeled Job Submission Status. The page details include submission dates, positions desired, the current statuses of the applications, and the ability to withdraw hiring forms from review, if needed. Applicants may also call or visit locations in person to inquire about employment. Individuals taking initiative to call or visit should follow up during slow business hours to avoid pulling managers away from important responsibilities.