Citi Trends Application Online

Why Work Here?
A chain of more than 520 storefronts, Citi Trends operates as a popular clothing retailer prominent throughout the American South. The company trades publicly on the NASDAQ as CTRN and generates nearly $620 million in annual revenues. Most locations reside in urban or densely populated metropolitan areas, which provide direct access to customers and resources.

Founded in the late 1950s as Allied Department stores, Citi Trends continues to thrive in target markets and offers wide-ranging career opportunities for entry-level workers and professionals alike. The chain employs over 4,500 associates and hires for new help on a regular basis, including calls for distribution and corporate positions. Work available features paid training, competitive base pay, and access to job benefits packages. Customer-centric responsibilities place associates in direct contact with other employees and the general public, which builds solid communication and teamwork skills applicable to other areas of life. Applicants find available jobs in stores or online.

Citi Trends Online Application Process
Individuals looking for work in fashion should click on the following link to begin filling out the online application: Follow the steps below to complete the process:

  • Applicants find four tabs on the Citi Trends employment landing page: Corporate Jobs, Distribution Center Jobs, Store Management Jobs, and Store Sales Associates. Each tab pulls up listing of positions for hire in specific career fields. Make a selection to move forward.
  • Once clicked, the four tabs allow applicants to search for available jobs by keyword or location. Plug in target positions or areas and then hit the green arrow button to generate search results in surrounding areas or based on specific keywords. Full descriptions of matching positions appear on the next page. Read over the information and click Apply whenever ready.
  • First-time users must create login handles by providing valid email addresses and unique passwords. Existing users may simply login in and apply for work.
  • The Citi Trends online application form begins with a section for contact information. Enter the data required, such as name, address, and phone number, to continue.
  • General questions about age, legal right to work in the U.S., and willingness to submit to background checks follow. Candidates must then list how they found out about the job titles.
  • A general landing page appears on the next screen. Candidates may click on any of the six buttons provided to upload documents ranging from resumes and cover letters to supplemental forms, certifications, and data taken directly from LinkedIn social media accounts.
  • After uploading as much or as little information as desired, job hopefuls move on to a waiver. Applicants must agree to terms. A similar data protection agreement follows the waiver, which certifies the safety and security of the information provided.
  • The final portion of the process serves as the actual application and asks for more general information regarding past convictions of criminal offenses (if applicable) and previous employment with the retail chain. Workers also divulge information about past jobs and education.
  • Applicants must provide e-signatures to close the forms. Review the documents prior to submission.

Search Citi Trends Jobs

Available Positions
Citi Trends stores consistently post job listings for entry-level sales associate positions. The customer service-oriented opportunities consist of greeting customers, arranging shelves, operating cash registers, and providing access to fitting rooms. A majority of sales associates work part-time and earn minimum wage base pay, with hourly rates rising to roughly $10.00 with experience. Stores also need to hire managers to supervise entry-level employees, set schedules, track and order inventories, balance cash drawers, and hire on new help. Managers work either part-time or full-time, depending on the specific job title, and make in excess of $50,000 annual salary.

Job Benefits
Performance bonuses, discounts on merchandise, and flexible scheduling are some of the basic job benefits available to part-time and full-time associates. Eligible workers also receive medical, dental, and vision plans, paid time off, and employee stock options. Employment benefits packages vary slightly between careers in the Citi Trends corporate offices and typical retail or distribution settings.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Workers spend about 15 to 20 minutes filling out online application forms. The web-based documents call for wide varieties of information, so applicants should gather the necessary materials and keep the documents on hand throughout the process. Due to the interactive natures of most positions available, job hopefuls should possess excellent communication skills. Experience in the fashion retail industry or personal interests in the field may also benefit prospective associates; however, Citi Trends generally provides paid training for new-hires.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Set aside time after submitting an application, two to three days later, to follow up. Reaching out to hiring personnel via telephone or even in-person visits often demonstrates strong desires to work for the popular clothing store. Ask for more information about the hiring process or specific questions about the general expectations for new employees. However, remember to respect the time of managers and refrain from calling or visiting stores during busy hours. If a manager appears busy, leave a message with contact information and the best times to make contact at a later date.