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Why Work Here?
Applicants find Chick-fil-A restaurant jobs appealing due to the fast food natures of the work available. Most locations hire on workers as young as 15 with special permits to fill entry-level positions and require little-to-no experience for employment consideration. Widespread prevalence across the United States opens job seekers up to easily accessible opportunities, as well. Recent expansion into new markets and the inclusion of airport, drive-thru only, university campus, and hospital restaurant concepts provide even more job prospects for aspiring associates.

The chain often pays entry-level employees right around state minimum wages at roughly $8.00 or so per hour. Motivated team members may receive promotions into supervisory shift lead and store manager roles offering increases in hours, pay raises, and access to work benefits packages. At base level, Chick-fil-A workers enjoy paid training, flexible scheduling, meal discounts, and Sundays off. Additional job benefits may include financial planning assistance, time off, and insurance options.

Chick-fil-A Online Application Process
Visit the company careers portal at: and follow the instructions to fill out an online application.

  • To begin the process, applicants must log onto the Chick-fil-A homepage.
  • At the top of the page sits a button labeled “Company & Careers.” Hovering the cursor over the button produces a drop-down menu, which provides candidates the chance to select “Restaurant Employment.”
  • Click on the “Restaurant Employment” button to continue the application process. The following page includes a brief description of restaurant jobs available and a restaurant locator tab.
  • The restaurant locator provides detailed information about Chick-fil-A restaurants nearby, including street address, hours of operation, email addresses, and phone numbers. In order to fill out and submit applications, workers must personally contact desired storefronts and inquire about hiring procedures.
  • Job seekers historically need to visit locations and pick up paper applications or speak with management team members to initiate the hiring process.

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Available Positions
Ideal for high school and college-age students, entry-level team member jobs represent the most widely available positions at Chick-fil-A restaurants. Team member jobs feature both part-time and full-time hours and include basic fast food duties, like operating cash registers and taking payments, filling orders, preparing food, and cleaning work stations. Entry-level associates generally work drive-thru windows, as well. Shift supervisor and restaurant manager jobs often involve training new-hires, conducting interviews, setting daily, weekly, and monthly performance goals, and tracking inventory. The fast food franchiser also offers corporate careers in IT, human resources, accounting, product development, and general administration.

Job Benefits
Upon hire, Chick-fil-A team members and managers receive discounts on food and drink, complimentary uniforms and nametags, and flexible work schedules. Additional employment benefits include paid training and promotional consideration for managerial and corporate careers. The nationwide fast food chain also provides comprehensive job benefits packages consisting of 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, life insurance, and tuition reimbursement. However, associates need full-time status in either senior managerial roles or corporate positions in order to qualify for work benefits packages.

Helpful Tips For Applying
A strong sense of family values governs daily operations. Workers should understand and align with the company missions of excellence, integrity, loyalty, and generosity in order to gain full consideration for employment. Applicants should also present personable, open, and motivated attitudes, as the hiring process requires candidates to visit and/or call locations personally to submit job request forms. When picking up and filling out employment forms, talk with management at length about potential job duties and express interest in the work to increase odds of favorable review.

How to Follow-Up After Applying
Job hopefuls may follow up on applications by contacting each desired location within a few days of submitting the required forms. Inquiries into application status generally take place over the phone or through email; however, exceptionally dedicated employment hunters should visit locations in person to follow up on hiring forms. At most, inquiries into application status take between 10 and 15 minutes. The opportunity usually serves as a great way to express furthered interest in any positions desired and to reiterate intentions on joining the Chick-fil-A team.