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Serving over 11 million customers each day at 13,000 restaurant locations worldwide, Burger King stands as the second-largest fast food chain in the world. Corporate and restaurant-level management draw from decades of successful company experience, while team members continue a proud tradition of serving high-quality, affordable food in friendly manners.

Why Work Here?
From team members to corporate management, Burger King employees enjoy fun, friendly atmospheres and numerous career advancement opportunities. The multinational company places high value on talent and ambition and rewards dedicated employees with raises and promotions. Working at the famous fast food chain means becoming part of high-performance teams driven by success. With a focus on customer service and quality food products, even entry-level positions allow employees to build lifelong skills for a meaningful and lucrative career in the fast food industry.

Burger King Online Application Process
Burger King hires individuals for entry-level team member positions, restaurant management roles, and corporate jobs requiring additional experience and education. In order to begin searching for the perfect jobs with the restaurant chain, applicants may click or copy and paste the following link into a web browser to get started: https://www.bk.com/careers

screenshot of career site for BK
Follow the steps below to apply using the BK site

    The Careers page of the Burger King website greets job seekers with an overview of various career options ranging from campus opportunities for students to restaurant positions and professional careers. Toward the top of the page, the Opportunities button brings prospective employees to a page with a more in-depth look at available job roles in every area of the company. For individuals interested in restaurant jobs, click the “Apply Now” button under the “In-restaurant roles” section just below the scrolling banner.
    The In-Restaurant Careers page allows job seekers to view more information about available restaurant job roles by clicking on the pictures labeled “Assistant Manager,” “Delivery Driver,” “Restaurant General Manger,” “Team Member,” or “Hourly Shift Coordinator.” Candidates may also use the map at the bottom of the page to search for nearby restaurants with job openings. Click on the desired position and then click the “Find a Restaurant and Apply” button which appears below the job description to continue.
    The next page displays a map similar to the one on the previous page prompting applicants to either let the website determine locations automatically or enter the zip code of the desired location on the upper-right corner of the map. Upon entering a city or zip code, the map displays a numbered list of nearby restaurants accepting applications. To continue, applicants can either click on the desired numbered location on the map and click the “Apply” button, or scroll below the map and find the same button associated with the desired location.
    After choosing a store location, prospective workers arrive at the Team Member Application page associated with the address of the desired restaurant. Several information fields appear here, including first and last name, address, phone number, and email, in addition to a few simple yes-or-no questions. Toward the bottom of the page, optional data fields allow individuals to specify interest in part-time, full-time, or seasonal employment, note any language skills, and upload resumes and cover letters if desired. The last piece of information applicants need to fill out regards individual availability. Job-seekers enter available work times for each day of the week in the chart provided. After providing the information, hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to continue.
    After clicking “Submit,” applicants receive a short message saying “Thank you for submitting your information. We will contact you shortly.” Clicking the button renders the application process complete, and individuals should now wait to receive a response via phone call or email from store management within the next few days.

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Search Burger King Jobs

Available Positions
With positions available to suit all backgrounds and levels of education, Burger King makes a great place to find part-time work or begin professional careers. Common restaurant jobs include positions as team members, hourly shift coordinators, and delivery drivers.

Team Member – The entry-level team member position requires little experience or education and opens the door to a wide range of career possibilities in the fast food industry. Associates often work part-time interacting with guests, operating cash registers, preparing food, and maintaining clean restaurant areas. Individuals standing at least 16 years of age may apply to work in the fast-paced, team-based environments.

Hourly Shift Coordinator – Shift coordinators must stand 18 years of age or older and possess high school degrees or GEDs. The position carries the responsibility of leading team members during assigned shifts and taking over customer service duties in the absence of a store manager. As a leadership position, the role prepares candidates to enter careers in restaurant management while giving employees hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to develop valuable customer service and communication skills.

Delivery Driver – The restaurant chain offers delivery services at some locations and hires dedicated drivers standing 18 years of age with valid driver’s licenses. Associates help package food orders and deliver the items to customers in a timely fashion. Professionalism, basic math skills related to making change, and the ability to work with a sense of urgency prove valuable skills for delivery drivers.

Job Benefits
While part-time team members may not receive full employee benefits, workers enjoy truly flexible scheduling, friendly workplaces, paid on-the-job training, and discounted food. Burger King also places a great emphasis on career development and rewards dedicated associates with raises and promotions. Full-time workers, such as managers, receive full ranges of job benefits like 401(k) retirement plans, medical insurance, relocation assistance when assigned to other stores, paid vacations, and tuition assistance.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Although not required, applicants should make sure to upload resumes and cover letters to job applications. By adding resumes tailored to desired job descriptions, applicants increase the chances of gaining interviews. Cover letters go even further to impress management by showcasing individual dedication and passion for the job. Double check information including phone numbers and email addresses before submitting applications to ensure easy contact with hiring managers.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
After submitting resumes online, candidates typically hear back from hiring managers via phone relatively quickly to schedule an interview. Visiting the store in person the day after submitting an online application to make introductions helps make a good first impression with restaurant staff. Candidates should try to conduct such visits during slow times of the day, avoiding busy breakfast, lunch, and dinner rushes if possible.