AMC Movie Theatres Application Online

Why Work Here?
Headquartered in Leawood, KS, AMC Theatres operates as an American movie theater chain with around 350 locations in North America. The Dubinsky brothers founded the company in 1920 while traveling the Midwest and performing in melodramas with actress Jeanne Eagels. The chain now manages a little less than 400 theaters with over 5,000 screens in six different countries. While watching movies, viewers enjoy comfortable seating placed on risers with adjustable armrests. Stadium-style seats allow for unobstructed views of the screen. Additional services, such as a guest loyalty program and vouchers, encourage frequent movie-goers to cash in on rewards.

The successful chain yields revenues of approximately $2.6 billion per year and trades on the NYSE as AMC. Exceeding 26,000 staff members, locations support inclusive and diverse environments. Positions as crew members, in management, or at the main corporate offices are readily available to qualified job hunters. AMC Theatres maintains a reputation of superior customer service and expects employees to satisfy the needs of guests. In return for hard work, associates enjoy employment benefits like flexible scheduling, room for advancement, and various health and wellness programs.

AMC Theatres Online Application Process
Applicants specializing in customer service and passionate about film should apply for openings with the movie theater by logging onto the company website listed below: Follow the easy step-by-step directions to apply online.

  • Candidates scroll till the blue links for theater crew, theater management, and corporate offices appear. Entry-level applicants should select the first choice. A list of available job titles like server, cashier, concessionist, and usher pop up. Pick one.
  • After reading through the job descriptions, contenders click Apply Now to continue. Individuals may search openings or submit resumes. By searching, potential employees may pick specific locations.
  • A list of openings generates and candidates click on the names of desired positions. Click Apply to Job to begin the official process.
  • New users must create logins with emails, passwords, and security questions.
  • Aspirants may upload resumes, enter one by typing, or choose to skip the step. The next screen asks for contact details, which include address, phone number, and email.
  • Following contact details is previous experience. A detailed history of employment should appear here, including job titles, employer names, and dates of work. The education section appears next and allows applicants to edit information about majors, degrees, GPAs, and graduation years in addition to general information about schools attended.
  • The succeeding set of questions targets information pertaining to applicant abilities on the job. Candidates are also expected to list salary expectations along with a declaration of previous employment with the company, if applicable.
  • Specific availability appears on the following page and allows aspirants to check times and days available.
  • Voluntary information about gender, race, and veteran status remains optional on the next few pages.
  • Candidates answer job-specific questions regarding age, availability to work holidays and weekends, and the ability to legally work in the United States.
  • After reading through a final statement, job seekers may click submit to end that portion of the application process. A short assessment related to the position comes afterwards. Questions inquire about the personality and skills of potential workers. The test completes the application.

Search AMC Movie Theatres Jobs

Available Positions
Exciting positions at AMC Theatres allows aspirants to become part of a flourishing company. Crew members obtain job titles like bartender, cashier, dishwasher, server, booth crew member, concessionist, usher, and cook. A varying list of positions results in a vast amount of duties not limited to operating film projectors, serving concession items, maintaining auditoriums, checking food quality, and selling movie tickets. Entry-level jobs typically pay between $8.00 and $10.00 an hour. Individuals able to acquire supervisory positions help manage teams and ensure theaters run smoothly. Salary options begin at $13.00 an hour and increase to reflect additional duties and years of service. Corporate offices also post openings which range from marketing and sales positions to customer service associate and accountant jobs.

Job Benefits
AMC supports the needs of each worker. Medical, dental, and vision insurance enrich the lives of qualified employees. Further job benefits include life insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, an employee assistance program, and paid time off. Perks depend on hourly status, job title, and length of employment. All staff members receive free movies, flexible scheduling, and the ability to advance. Fun environments allow team members to build friendships and promote comradery.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Unique and diverse candidates receive hiring consideration based on individual qualities. Resumes should highlight the ability to interact with a wide range of customers. Impeccable manners and professional appearances are pivotal in securing AMC jobs. By applying online, applicants expedite the hiring process and find access to hundreds of positions available all around the world. Individuals may choose to apply for multiple positions to increase the likelihood of landing work.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
Candidates often wait between one and three weeks before hearing back from recruiters. Hiring managers typically request one in-person interview before an applicant receives an employment offer. If an aspirant does not hear from a hiring manager, the individual may choose to arrive in person or call over the phone to request an application update. Contenders should try again in the future if not selected for the first position of interest.