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Why Work Here? As a large chain of grocery stores with locations situated throughout the United States, Albertsons represents an ideal place for young persons and individuals seeking supplemental incomes to find meaningful employment. The regional grocer offers dozens of entry-level job opportunities at each location featuring competitive base pay and potential for growth into supervisory, managerial, and even corporate careers. Grocery stores teach employees valuable traits, like working as part of a team, discipline, and other department-specific technical abilities important in finding working in both related and unrelated career fields.

Albertsons Online Application Process
When visiting the online careers landing page on the Albertsons company website, located at, job hunters encounter multiple sections. At the top of the page, individuals find links to jobs available featuring hourly schedules. The next section provides a link to positions available in the corporate offices. The final link in the job listings section features a link to available pharmacy jobs. To apply for jobs, workers need to complete the following steps:

screenshot of career site for Albertsons
Follow these directions to apply using the Albertsons site
  • Input city and state or zip code into the search field on the first page.
  • Select a desired location from the list of stores provided.
  • Click on the Apply Now button to begin the formal process.
  • The next few pages outline policies on hiring, which applicants must agree to by clicking Next in order to move on in the process. During the policy review portion of the application, job hopefuls may opt into creating passwords and profiles, which enables candidates to return to the application later, if needed.
  • Workers must then enter in personal information, including name, street address, phone number, email, and Social Security Number.
  • The next sections ask for age, authorization to work in the U.S., consent to background checks and drug screenings, willingness to work overtime and weekends, and information regarding past jobs, such as terminations or disciplinary actions. The section also asks for military experience.
  • Moving forward, job seekers fill out salary expectations and enter in availability, including selecting specific days and times of the week available in a clickable chart.
  • After filling out availability, the application asks for education background, including both high school and college.
  • Applicants with previous work experience then receive prompting to provide detailed information on past jobs. The application proceeds with inquiries into skills and abilities, such as experience as a cashier or in sales, and then allows workers to select specific positions desired for employment.
  • The application concludes with a legal agreement to equal opportunity employment laws.

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Available Positions
The types of jobs available at Albertsons grocery stores include customer service, stock, and managerial work. Crew members typically assume entry-level job titles initially, with clerk and cashier representing the most frequently available employment opportunities at each location. Applicants looking for careers in management often take on supervisory or managerial roles. Each department hires on supervisors and managers to oversee operations and motivate entry-level workers. The grocery store chain also hires store management teams to enforce company policies.

Job Benefits
Albertsons serves as a great stepping stone for inexperienced workers to begin new careers in the supermarket industry or prepare for work in other fields. The grocery store provides paid training and career development to associates upon hire. Employees also enjoy competitive pay scales and access to corporate-sponsored job benefits packages consisting of financial planning assistance like 401(k) retirement plans or health insurance options and life insurance. The supermarket generally offers special discounts to workers, as well.

Helpful Tips For Applying
Due to the length of the Albertsons application online, workers should allot roughly 30 minutes to a full hour to complete the form. The employment document asks highly specific questions about personal and professional backgrounds. Individuals should gather up necessary information prior to beginning the online application to ensure the process moves along as streamlined and seamlessly as possible. Candidates choosing the online method of submitting hiring forms may want to take advantage of the ability to save progress by creating online profiles, which enables applicants to return to the document at a later time.

How To Follow Up After Applying Online
Albertsons hiring personnel usually review candidate information within a week of receiving submitted applications. Most recruitment managers contact workers by telephone to extend interview invitations. If a week or so passes without confirmation from the grocery store, reach out to a hiring official by telephone or email to check on the status of any outstanding application. Following up by phone call usually yields the best results, although visiting the desired store of employment may communicate more initiative and interest in working for the supermarket chain.