Subway Application Online

Why Work Here? Subway employees may enjoy working for the healthy fast food restaurant for a number of reasons. Each location promotes a diverse work environment for both entry-level associates and experienced workers. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Subway does not discriminate against workers based on gender, nationality, religious beliefs, and other factors.

Subway features a detailed career path for all their employees. Associates that start out as sandwich artists may eventually become senior sandwich artists, which may lead to shift manager or assistant manager roles. Individuals hoping to grow more with the company may eventually become store managers or earn the ability to manage multiple sites.

Subway Online Application Process
Subway provides online access to their application process. You will have to visit their job portal: and follow the instructions below in order to apply using their career portal.

screenshot of career site for Subway
Follow the steps below to apply using the Subway site
  • With close to 40,000 stores worldwide, Subway fast food restaurants need a streamlined application process.
  • To start the hiring procedure, the Subway website offers the chance to apply online with multiple stores in your area.
  • After selecting which store(s) you would like to work at, you must then fill out an online job application.
  • Standard information on the Subway job application includes name, address, contact numbers, and the desired position and employment status. Additional information includes availability, work history, and any personal or professional references.

Available Positions
Entry-level employees with Subway start their careers as sandwich artists. As the name implies, sandwich artists make all customer orders in a quick and efficient manner. Senior sandwich artists send most of their time training new Subway team members. Shift managers and assistant managers monitor store performance in absence of a store manager or regional manager. Professionals with Subway often take jobs as managers, which require a lot more administrative and office work than traditional customer service. Hiring requirements for each position depend on education and work history, as experienced fast food associates will be considered for more advanced jobs with Subway.

Job Benefits
Subway contributes to many charities and organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle. However, the fast food chain still cares for employees with several enticing work benefits. Each Subway crew member may receive discounts and free meals regularly. Additionally, many stores offer paid vacation for both part-time and full-time workers, though only full-time Subway associates gain more vacation time after each year of service. Full-time employees also gain access to comprehensive insurance programs, including health, vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage. Eligible workers with Subway may also access 401(k) retirement plans with company match.

Helpful Tips for Applying
Qualified applicants may fail getting a job with Subway if they fill out the application poorly. Applicants should take time with the application to ensure all information is correct and up to date. Strong references also improve an applicant’s chances for hiring consideration from Subway.

How to Follow Up After Applying Online
After applying with Subway, applicants should follow up with the hiring manager in one of several ways. Usually, a follow up email may be sufficient for many managers. Express gratitude for the opportunity and a desire to begin working with Subway. Sometimes, a personal visit to the Subway may show great character traits towards potential employment.